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Raphycool Dimmable Fill light, Selfie Ring Light with Portable Phone Charger

Selfie Ring Light with Portable Phone Charger 2-in-1, Raphycool Dimmable Fill light Camera Lighting Ring Mini Photo Spotlight for iPhone Samsung Sony Blackberry Smartphone iPad and Macbook-Black
Offered by i-RCstore CDN$ 40.99

Enough battery power to get an evening’s worth of duck lip selfies and still boost your phones battery


I have a few of these things kicking around and found there is a great deal of difference in quality from one make to another. There aren’t a lot of different options that you will get on a selfie ring light and so far this is the only one I have that allows you to use it for charging your phone.

That said, you won’t get much of a charge from this item but it could be enough to get you by. The battery here is 1500mah which is probably less than your phones battery capacity. Its more than enough however for a selfie ring, especially since you have three power settings to choose from. For iPhone users, the included USB cable can be used not only for charging the light but with the included adapter, from micro USB to Lightning, you can plug the two items together and get a charge into the iPhone. A very nice touch that I like.

There are two USB ports. The standard micro USB port is for charging the selfie ring battery. If you are going to use the light to charge your phone, then you use the USB port to plug the phone charging cable into.

The lighting here is good but at low and medium you will most likely see some flickering on your screen when using the light. This is because to reduce the power level the LED’s are actually flashed very rapidly, you won’t see this with the naked eye but your camera will pick it up. Not to worry, this won’t affect your images 99.999999% of the time.

Using the light is very simple. The push button switch toggles you through the three lighting levels. Depress it once for low, a second time for medium, a third time for pull power and once more to turn it off.

To charge the lights battery you can use the included cable or any other standard USB to micro USB cable you probably have on a charger already. On charge, there is a little LED that lights up and flashes green, it goes solid once the battery is fully charged.

Using it is simple and it works with either camera, front or backward facing. You squeeze the ring at the top, where the switch and USB ports are located, and the other end opens up like a clam shell. Once open slip it onto your phone and align it so the camera your using can see through the opening. Select your power setting and snap away.

The light actually casts a wide beam that’s fairly bright so this can easily double as a flashlight to get you from where you’ve been socializing for the evening getting all manner of duck lip shots (do people really have to do that) through the dark parking lot to where your car is located. While not really designed for it, this would be an ok camping light with more than enough power to light up a tent for reading.

The little carry bag is a nice touch but I have to wonder if anyone actually uses it.


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