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Breville BOV900BSS The Smart Oven Air Convection Oven, Large, Silver


Before posting a review on this oven I wanted to give it a really good work out. We’ve now been using the oven almost daily over the last 3 weeks and we’re pretty happy.

Out last toaster oven was a competitors with a steam function which worked beautifully and reheated leftovers as well as cooking meals that always came out nice and moist. Other than this one feature I can’t say that I miss the old oven.

There are a number of features that make this an almost ideal countertop oven. One thing that stands out is the design and functionality, something that Breville has done very well on all of their products that we own. By the way, if you already have their microwave oven this is a nice matching counter mate for it.

Ease of use is an important item when we shop for appliances. Sure, everything we look at these days has a ton of things it can do but in most cases trying to get anything done is so complex that the manual has to stay very close unless its something that you do every day. The controls here are laid out in such a way that makes sense and like most things that come home with us, I try them out without looking at the manual first. Here I was able to pretty much use every feature without the manual. Something that I like with the controls, you can alter and change settings while in use and without disturbing the current function. With other ovens, making a change necessitated stopping the current program and then restarting with the new one. Something new to us with a counter top oven, when using a rack in the center slot there are magnets on either side of the door window. As the door open is draws the rack out raf enough where its easy to get at it for removal or for checking the cooking progress.

Temperature control is very accurate. When we compared what the dial showed vs. an oven thermometer we found that the oven was right on.

Appearance wise, it’s a beautiful addition to the kitchen. The fit and finish is well done and in general the design should go well with almost any kitchen decor.

I also appreciate that it came loaded with enough accessories to get us through almost anything we would want to do in a counter top oven. This is the first such oven we’ve gotten hat has enough racks to fill every slot. The drying rack is a nice touch and is used for air frying. This particular feature, if we didn’t already have an air fryer would be used a lot. We do however find that the air fryer we have does a better job but it doesn’t do anything else. The actual oven is large enough to get a good-sized turkey into it. Not big enough that it would feed a family of 20 but we’ve done a 5 KG turkey and had a lot of room to spare. The 5 quartz heating elements provide more than adequate coverage from top and bottom to get every area of the turkey nicely browned.
So far we’ve done:
◊ Roasted turkey and chicken
◊ Air fried carrots, potatoes, and sweet pepper
◊ Cookies
◊ Oven French fries
◊ Spaghetti squash
◊ Trout, snapper, and salmon
◊ Reheated a number of different leftover dishes

We’ve not use the dehydrator feature. We have a very nice dehydrator that allows for a larger quantity to be processed at one time making it more economical.

The two convection speeds are interesting. Our other ovens are convection but only a single speed. We thought that the higher speed would work best for air frying but in our experience it hasn’t. We still have yet to find something that the higher speed will do better but I appreciate that it’s an option which could become useful in the future. On the slower speed, the fan is very quiet. Yes it can be heard but its not annoying. The higher speed setting is very obvious in comparison.

For clean up the oven design makes it easy. The drip sheet which covers the entire bottom is easily pulled out and washed off. Its light weight and it slides back into the oven as easily as it was removed. The only thing that I found was a little difficult to clean are the two bottom heating elements. They have protective bars on either side which limit the access to each side of the element for wiping down. Its not something that keeps them from being cleaned, it just makes things a little more difficult.

The large window and internal light make using the oven in the evening or in a darkened room easy. This is one feature we haven’t had in a counter top oven previously.

Looking inside, you can see that the back wall has a section in the middle which is curved outwards. This accommodates the round pizza sheet that came with the oven. It’s not very deep, just enough to allow the sheet to be inserted. Again, a feature we’ve not had previously.

For use on counters that aren’t very deep, the back has two rubber bumpers which stop the oven from being pushed right up against a wall. This allows for some air circulation around the backside so the oven can cool off but also so that when hot the back side doesn’t heat up and discolour the wall behind it. As with any counter top oven, the top does get hot. We store the extra racks here as well as some silicone oven mitt’s. This still gives us about three inches of clearance to the bottom side of the shelves above it.

In each case, we’ve been very happy with the results. This isn’t the least expensive option when it comes to this kind of an appliance but like anything else, you get what you pay for. This is a high-end counter top oven that happens to make toast, we found this a better description than the name typically given to this kind of appliance, toaster oven.

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