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Philips HR2371/05 Compact Pasta Maker with 3 shaping discs

Philips Compact Pasta Maker with 3 shaping discs, HR2371/05
Price: CDN$ 223.20


Should have bought one years ago

Noodles are a fav but until this machine came along I never tried making them, too easy and cheap enough to buy so why bother? Noodle makers are a fad and like all fads they will disappear never to be seen or heard of again. Now all I can think of is stupid stupid stupid… Why didn’t I get one of these years ago.

♦♦♦ TL;DR – Extremely easy machine to use and clean. Provides better tasting and frying noodles than store bought. Takes less time than expected to get excellent results.

With something like this I wanted to do several batches to make sure I didn’t miss something, I don’t like to rush into reviews when common sense says to make sure it works more than once. We got to try several of the recipes which are included in the nice book which Philips includes. Became more impressed every time we used it.

This thing is great.
♦ First off it’s far more simple than I was expecting
♦ It takes less time than I was expecting
♦ Clean up is easier than I was expecting
♦ The results are far better than I thought was possible for home made

The first thing I noticed once cooked is that the home made don’t stick together in the pot while being cooked like store bought. I also happen to really like fried noodles but hate the way that the commercial versions stick together in the frying pan and stick to the pan itself. This hasn’t happened with the home-made version. This really makes me kick myself for thinking that noodle makers were only a fad.

The home made tend to be slightly thicker than store bought, all three versions this machine will churn out, spaghetti, linguini, and penne. On the first run before cooking I thought this would be a problem but it isn’t, they cook up just slightly faster than store bought which isn’t a bad thing. They do swell while cooking like any other but this just means I need to eat less individual noodles.

I also found that for the amount of flour and water/egg I get far more noddle than I thought was possible. The first batch was two cups of flour (the quick recipes which are included in the user manual are for 1 and 2 cups) as I had no idea how much 1 cup would make and I was hungry. We now make 1 cup at a time and still have left overs.

Operation here is super simple
► Plug in machine
► Prepare water and egg mixture
► Add flour
► Place lid on mixer
► Turn switch to Auto
► Push start/pause button
► Pour water/egg mixture into top lid where it dribbles into the flour being mixed
► Step back and make a coffee
► While drinking coffee watch the machine work and then reverse rotation to start pushing out noodles

The included scraper/noodle cutter can be used to cut the extrusions to length but I find a sharp knife works better

Here’s where I discovered the one problem this design has. While pushing out the dough the mixing tool forces dough up into the top right corner where it piles up and doesn’t come back down because it’s so sticky. I have to pause the machine and pop the lid, then with a spoon push the dough down and towards the back. So far I’ve had to do this once every time we use it. Other than that this thing rocks, plain and simple.

There is an option to not use the automatic feature and instead go into manual mixing mode and I’m sure there’s a use for it but we’ve not needed to.

Clean up has been made simple and the included brush with rubber tipped end makes it easy getting into corners that can collect dough and as we found out can be a little difficult to get at without using this brush. Inside the mixing chamber there are only three pieces which then connect to the extruder plates on the outside which are held in place by a large and easy to remove ring. The included scraper has metal prongs which just happen to fit the extruder holes making them easy to clean as well.

Other than the one design flaw where dough catches in the top corner this was made for ease of use and cleaning. In addition, it makes great noodles which fry up way better than the store bought stuff.

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