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Patec USB3.0 CD/DVD-RW External Drive/Burner W/Embedded USB Cable Design -Black

Patec USB3.0 CD/DVD-RW Burner Writer External Drive,Embedded USB Cable Design -Black(USB Cable and Drive are Combined in one)

Easily identified and used by both Windows 10 and my disk burning programs


I had picked this up with the hopes I could use it on an Android TV box and while the box sees the device and what’s on the DVD’s (obviously the drivrers are there on at least one of the three TV boxes I have) my problem now is finding an app that will play DVD’s since VLC and the included movie player see the disk and its files but wont play them.

I’ve also used it on both my laptop and Surface Pro 2 Tablet (Windows 10) and have had good results with burns, not one bad disc out of 8 so far. Both Alcohol 120 and Daemon Tools had no issue with recognising and using the drive to burn disks. With burning, I was expecting to have some issues as there is no external power, only power it gets is through the USB port unlike some other similar devices that require the use of an AC adapter. On both machines the drive was immediately identified and made useable with drivers automatically being downloaded and installed.

Operation is nice, there is some noise as a disk is spun up to speed but overall its quieter than I was expecting. The loading tray works as it should, it’s nice and smooth both inserting or extracting a disk. I’ve had external DVD drives before that were a combination of a slim ODD and enclosure that didn’t fit quite right and this resulted with the tray catching most of the time when trying to remove a disk.

The USB cable is short which means that you have to be within about 8 inches which might be a bit difficult at times but I like that it stows away in its own slot on the underside. This way there’s no need to somehow keep a cable with it or have to go looking for a cable when it all of a sudden need’s to be used. The whole thing easily fits into a brief case or laptop bag.

The look is nice, the striations give it a little classier appearance, certainly better than a standard black plastic box.

I got this during a lightning deal so the pricing was even better than normal, for the performance and how well its built it was a great deal.


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