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Oster Optimal Brew Blooming Technology 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Oster Optimal Brew Blooming Technology 12-Cup Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel
Price: CDN$ 119.99


Just a Blooming great coffee maker

We’ve had a number of Oster appliances over the years and have always been happy with them. This coffee maker is no exception and we’re pleased to have it in our kitchen.

The first question we had when we opened the box was, will the carafe actually keep the coffee warm enough to enjoy after an hour or so. Only way to test this is to actually make a pot and then wait. The double walled stainless steel carafe works and works very well. We measured the coffee at 188 F and then left it for an hour. When we tested again it was 182 F. A drop of only 6-degrees F over an hour is fantastic and this is without having to keep it on a heat pad which most coffee makers do destroying the flavour. The carafe is considerably heavier than glass versions. Also because it has such a narrow throat you need to tip it over further to ensure you get all of the coffee out. To us these items don’t outweigh the benefit of the stainless thermal design.

I like how Oster has found an interesting way of detecting how much coffee is in the pot since its an all metal pot. When you look down at the top there are four little windows towards the handle. Under each of these is a clear plastic rod and the four rods are different lengths that amount to full, 75%, 50%, and 25% (see image below). This is a great way of telling how much is left in the pot without having to take the top off. I was concerned that this would only work in bright light but it does work even in dim lighting. While not like having LED’s light up this works without any batteries or other gizmos. Nice touch Oster.

The Blooming Technology, does it work? I can supply a one-word answer here, yes. Obviosity saturating the grounds before the actual brewing process is the key to why this coffee maker works so well. Because of this you won’t find any kind of brew selection button or control. Trust the technology, Oster did a magnificent job with this machine, let it do its thing and just enjoy the coffee. I will mention here that with this technology we seem to need a little more coffee in the filter to get the same kind of flavour we’re used to.

While I’m not a big coffee drinker but my wife is. She’s the one that always makes the brew around here and her first choice now is to use the Oster. It’s easy to use, the filter compartment slides out the side of the machine instead of having to fish something out of the top of a brewer. She’s not that tall so this is an issue. Yes, it still uses paper filters but these are fifty cents for 200 so not a big deal. The filter box is mid machine on the right side.

The whole machine just looks good. There’s nothing that detracts from its look, fit and finish is very nice. It has nice clean lines, the carafe fits snugly and finishes off the whole look.

The clock and delay timer is very simple to use. You don’t need to be an engineer to use it. If needed the manual is well laid out and gives point by point instructions.

My only real negative comment about the actual machine is the reservoir cover, it only sits on top and is very easy to bump off. The whole reservoir is easily removed for filling; it sits on the left side of the machine. I hope that in the future Oster might make a reservoir where the lid is fastened in some way. I appreciate that being able to remove the lid makes for easy clean up but after knocking it off half a dozen time it’s become something that needs mentioning.

Over all the machine is slightly larger than other coffee makers like the Braun KF7XXX series but not so much that I would pass this over simply because of size.

Clean up is easy. Since there is no warming pad any coffee that might drip onto the holder doesn’t get cooked onto it. A wet cloth is all that’s need to wipe it clean. In fact, that’s all you need for the whole machine.

Would we recommend this to friends and family, absolutely.

The only negative I can find is the above mentioned reservoir lid and that alone does not justify taking off any points. The Oster Optimal Brew with Blooming Technology gets 5-stars.


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