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ORICO 9558RU3 5 Bays 3.5 Inch SATA HDD Aluminum Enclosure with Raid

ORICO 9558RU3 5 Bays 3.5 Inch SATA HDD Aluminum Enclosure with Raid Function Support 8TB X 5=40TB at Max Black Color (Not Include Hard Drive)


Fast and easy to use, a nice solid multi-drive external USB enclosure with RAID capability

The unit I ordered is the Black 9558U3, there are other models that appear on this page.

There are a couple of items that need attention but overall it’s a good USB connected multi drive enclosure with the ability to run different RAID configurations. I already owned a couple of different ORICO devices so I had a pretty good idea of how well this unit would be built.

► Operation as a straight external enclosure is about as simple as it gets, insert 3 1/2 inch drives, snap the doors shut, connect the AC adapter, plug the USB cable in at both ends (PC and enclosure) and power the device up. The only difference between this unit and any other single drive external enclosure is the number of hard drives you can access and use. With both Windows 7 and 10 all of the drives were automatically detected and made useable. There was no configuration nor were any drivers required. When not run in RAID mode the device gives you complete control over each drive, you can format, write and readjust as you would with internal drives through Windows.

► When used for RAID operation you have options for choosing the version of RAID you want set up through the ORICO HW RAID Manager or by using the rear mounted dip switch. I found that setting up a RAID config was simple, painless, and quick. The software itself is easy to navigate through and there is no need to be an IT person to figure it out. For other features and operation the manual is well written and laid out and walks you through the set up and operation.

I don’t own a Mac, or know anyone who does so was unable to test on that OS sorry.

Like any multi -drive enclosure there are features that I look for:
┌ True USB 3 write speeds, here I typically get 80 to 105 MB/s on large file transfers
├ Simple to use, even without reading the manual
├ Dependable USB 3 speeds
├ Ability to automatically power down individual drives when not in use
├ Visual indicators (LED’s) showing individual drive activity
├ Ability to just set it up and then not have to worry about it
├ Have full control over the drive(s)
├ For a multi drive enclosure, the ability to hot swap drives
└ Ability to write and read from multiple drives at the same time

► This device is not made to work with 2-1/2 inch laptop drives. There is no bottom support for them nor is there any facility to insert them properly.

► The included AC adapter seems to have more than enough current capability to handle 5 drives as it never got more than slightly warm even after hours of file transfers.

ǁ For those who might want to know, to test RAID functionality I used 5 – 36GB WD Raptor 15K RPM drives simply because the smaller size and faster speed allowed for a reduced overall testing period. For regular individual disk use I’ve used anywhere from old 500 GB 5400 RPM drives up to a 3 TB WD Black without experiencing any issues. I found no speed difference between writing to a RAID 0 or individual drives, the limitation is in the USB connection.

► Build quality is excellent both components and soldering. I’ve had a good look at the inside of this device and the build quality of the device I have is excellent. Mechanical construction is solid while still keeping the enclosure light and circuit boards are well made.

► There is one physical build aspect that could be improved, the amount of air flow going through the enclosure. When operating in RAID 10 and four drives are spinning they can get very warm over a period of hours when doing back up or large file transfers. While the rear mounted fan is capable of drawing enough air through the enclosure there could be more ventilation holes on the latching doors which would allow the drives to cool better.


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