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ORIBE Hair Care Shampoo for Magnificent Volume

ORIBE Hair Care Shampoo for Magnificent Volume, 8.5 fl. oz.
Price: CDN$ 47.00


Works as claimed but contains too many chemicals

Incredibly expensive shampoo that lives up to its advertising.

One of the benefits of getting older is that I get to experience a shift in my hair, not just in colour but also in how thick it is. As such and because it seems to be getting thinner, not just thinning, I’ve used various products in an effort to build it back up a bit. A few work but most don’t. This ORIBE product does work. I can’t claim that it’s given me back the hair of my youth but its looking much better and younger.

Also a plus for this product is that the scent is very light and not at all unpleasant. Looking at the ingredients however there are items which I want to avoid in the long term but at least there is no harsh scent. What scent there is doesn’t last long after rinsing.

The clear lotion works in and foams up quickly. I found that it rinsed out and left no residue that I could feel. Considering it does such a good job of building up my hair I expected to feel something leftover on the hair. I never experienced any greasiness nor does my hair get limp.

If it wasn’t for the not so nice chemicals this would be a 5 star product. For the money there are organic versions that work just as well but contain no chemicals.

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