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ORBLUE Silicone Cast Iron Skillet Handle Cover

ORBLUE Silicone Cast Iron Skillet Handle Cover – Red
Offered by Orblue
Price: CDN$ 19.13


Far cooler on the hands than I was expecting

We use primarily cast iron frying pans and have tried a number of different things on the handles but anything that can eventually will burn at some point as the pan sits off to one side. I was sceptical about this but since we’ve used silicone baking items and found how well they handle heat it seemed worth a try.

This thing is made to be very generic and it has to be since there are so many different styles and lengths of handles it could be used on. As such it is slightly longer than we need but the beauty of silicone items like this is that they can be easily trimmed for a custom fit, at least length wise.

It really does a great job of staying cool enough to hold the handle even when the pan is extremely hot. Yes, the silicone does get warm but not to the point where it burns, not even to the point where I would consider it hot. And when it ended up slightly over top of a burner it didn’t melt, disfigure, or discolour. Even though it’s a tube it fits lose enough that air can still move through it. The outer side which is like an open checker board pattern has low ridges that also allow it to dissipate heat more readily and stay cool. This design also allows for a good grip, the last thing I want is a slippery frying pan handle.

It’s one of those things that just make cooking or frying so much easier, and less painful – literally.

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Very well designed and engineered to last a long time plus it’s easy to set up and use

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