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Oral B Vitality Deep Sweep Power Toothbrush

Oral B Vitality Deep Sweep Power Toothbrush
Price: CDN$ 28.95


Good option for a starter power tooth brush before investing more money and discovering you don’t like power brushes

The Vitality Deep Sweep is a nice inexpensive power tooth brush that comes without a lot of the fancier features of higher priced Oral B products but works just as well in my opinion. The point is that with the action of the brush head you get better cleaning than a simple tooth brush can deliver.

The kit contains everything you need to get brushing, power unit, brush head and charger. Notable item, the charger is the same base unit as is used with the higher priced versions. This is a good thing if you already have one of the current models, the charging bases are interchangeable.

The brush action is very good, it allows getting in between teeth, even between those hard to reach back molars which is where I have the greatest problem. With Oral B brush heads, I never have issues with my gums getting beat up. I do wish there was a second softer action selection. My wife doesn’t like this model of brush simply because she’s gotten used to the second gentle setting on the other brushes we already own. For her it’s a case of her gums getting sore with the single action on this power head. I know this is an economical brush but for the cost of a few pennies a gentle cycle could be added.

Besides the Oral B replacement brushes there are aftermarket versions available and we’ve tried a couple brands but haven’t been happy with them, we still prefer the originals. One of the main reasons for this is that the aftermarket don’t last as long before the bristles get bent and out of line, in one case the bristles even came lose while I was using the brush. I literally had to pick bristles out of my teeth. This has ensured we stay with original replacements.

► Overall this is a decent power tooth brush that’s worth buying. Personally I’d recommend starting here before investing in the higher end versions as not everyone in our family likes these things and they stay with the standard stick brushes. It would be a shame to spend well over $100 to find out you don’t like power brushes.

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