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Oral-B Power Genius 8000 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush Powered By Braun

Oral-B Power Genius 8000 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush Powered By Braun
Price: CDN$ 194.13


Better than the average powered tooth brush but the app isn’t worth installing

The Oral-B 8000 is a nice toothbrush plain and simple. It works well, holds a charge for about two weeks, comes well equipped with brushes and accessories such as two charging options, and gives feedback on aggressive brushing techniques that could cause damage. In the last 4 weeks we’ve had the ability to really determine if it works or not and whats good or bad about it.

Right up front, I did not get to use the app. I simply will not allow a company to gather demographic information from something like a tooth brush. Before I could even connect the app and toothbrush via Bluetooth since the app wanted my location, nuh uh, not happening. There is no good reason for this and I won’t allow it. As such the app wouldn’t allow me to connect to the brush and thus I was unable to test its functions. Looking through the app I did find it confusing and poorly laid out. Because I had not connected to the handle there were parts of the app that were inaccessible. The app is slower to load than any other, has shameless shopping links, links to online brushing videos, and links to dental offices (which wants to access your location information). Why lock out other portions of the app or not allow connection to a brush just because I won’t allow it to detect which dentists I’m closest to? Reeks of back door dealing. It does offer the ability to log dental appointments in a calendar but why would I use this instead of the calendar in my smart phone which I already use for everything else?
I do like that the app can/could track total brushing time and other habits but do we really need that much detail for this twice daily routine?
The whole app simply seems like Oral-B spent a load of money in an effort to attract buyers who would buy based on the fact they have an app.
If you’re going to use the app, the included suction cup phone holder does work well when mounted on a mirror or glass surface. Just remember that wetting the cup slightly before placing it against the mirror helps hold it in place.

As a tooth brush this is a nice solid and well-built device that’s easy to operate and comes with a load of different brush heads that accommodate a broad range of specific needs that people can have. The choice of operating modes also makes for brushing some areas of your teeth different than others.

The handle has a silicone back that makes holding onto it easy, even when its wet.

The wireless charging aspect I like. This means that the handle can be completely water proof so I can rinse the whole thing under a tap.

If I apply too much pressure the collar which is lit up white under normal load turns red. I like this idea as it ensures I don’t do damage and really when you have a power head tooth brush doing all the work it really doesn’t require a lot of pressure to be effective.

The included assortment of brushes is a nice start. It provides a good way to sample and then decide which one is best suited to my needs. This is a nice touch. The home charging stand is made to hold up to four separate brush heads which keeps things tidy in a family of up to four people.

The at home charging stand works well but I really like the travel case/charger set up. Everything for two people, handle and brush heads, except the actual wall charger and tooth paste fit inside the case making it a neat and tidy travel package. The case itself is ridged and provide protection to the contents while being pushed around in a suitcase. The case also has an LED next to the USB charging port and adapter connection that glows green to indicate the handle is being charged, also a nice touch.

I’m hard pressed to find anything negative about the handle, brush heads, or its operation and because it’s a toothbrush first and not a smart phone gizmo nor does it require the app to operate I’m not taking any points off.

Overall this is a very nice brush with a lot of good features and accessories but the app seems like nothing more than a marketing gimmick and demographics collection source.

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