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OJA Negative Ionic Filter Chlorine Shower Head

OJA Negative Ionic Filter Chlorine Shower Head with Automatic Control 3 Color Changing LED Lights, Offers Luxurious Spa Experience
Offered by OJADirect Price: CDN$ 22.99

Clean water and a light show all in one shower, cool

(8/10) This is one of those interesting items that you come across very now and then

The LED lighting is interesting but I purchased it for its supposed ability to remove chlorine from the water your showing in. I say supposed because I still need to get the water tested to determine if it in fact did redice the level of chlorine.

Little known fact, during the average shower with municipally treated water which contains chlorine your body will absorb, through the skin, the equivalent chlorine as if you would have drunk 8 cups of water. That’s a lot more chlorine than I want in my system.

Because the handle is made of clear plastic you can see the ceramic balls that are supposed to remove the chlorine. At least I can see that there is indeed something inside the shower head. However, until I get the water tested these balls could be anything. I also know that the time in which water is in contact with material that removes chlorine is important, in this case the water passes through quickly so even if it does remove the chemical I suspect it won’t be much but for me, the more that I don’t absorb the better.

I needed a new shower head anyway to this was a no brainer, less chlorine and a new shower head.

The LED’s are interesting. While there is nothing that explains how they are powered I suspect it’s a mechanism like those you find in crank up flashlights. Here instead of a handle that gets spun around to generate electricity for the lights, there is a little water driven generator within the white capsule that sits right at the top. When I first installed it I needed to wait for about a minute before the lights came on. During this time the little generator probably had to charge a battery before the lights could be lit up. Now any time we use it the lights come on right away, probably because the battery has some juice in it. Thats my guess.

The easiest way to explain how it shows temperature with three levels of light, below luke warm (31 C) the LED’s are green, at the luke warm to very warm area (32 to 43 C ) they are blue and then above anything that I would call hot (44 C) they run red. It’s a nice visual way to find out what the water temp is before jumping into the shower.

As for water flow, it allows more water than I would like so I need to adjust at the taps rather than at the head which we did with our previous head. There are also no settings for the kind of spray, it’s on or off.

Included in the box are two little seals with screen in the middle to catch any debris that might be in the lines. These are the same as you would use in a garden hose attachment.

The maker claims that the light this produces is enough to shower by, I’m going to leave the lights on thanks.


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