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NZXT 1m LED Cable – Blue

NZXT 1m LED Cable - Blue
NZXT 1m LED Cable – Blue

Mad for pc gaming and wanted to try some LED’s,

knowing my brands I figured stay safe and try NZXT. Needless to say I was confident for the right reasons. Made well, look amazing and not one single regret! NZXT don’t need introduction from me when it comes to how good they are but am pleased to confirm that I picked well here!

So the LED’s connect to the pc case by screwing into the PCI slot at the rear, easy to fit (1 screw) 2 clip in PWM style plugs connect to the mini mobo (1 goes to molex 4 pin for power while the other is the led lead) and away you go! There is an on/off switch to obviously turn LED’s on or off without having to have pc off.

No software needed to run and a click switch to control 3 levels of brightness! Perfectly simple yet perfectly adequate and more than adequate in the aesthetic respect.

Classy simple bit of kit! Perfect!

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