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Nutrafin Bug Bites Cichlid Formula – 5-7 mm pellets

Nutrafin Bug Bites Cichlid Formula – 5-7 mm pellets
Price: CDN$ 11.29


Seem to be good health wise but uncrushed they’re larger than most aquarium species can handle

For the majority of Cichlids and other species this will work fine but the size of granules is quite large. The size of fish that can comfortably consume this stuff before it gets soaked and starts dissolving we would typically call a pan fry. In other words, quite a large fish from an aquarium perspective.

Even the larger brutes have a hard time, they grab a hold and try getting them down the gullet and then end up spitting them out. After a few minutes they then simply cruse the bottom where they find the partially dissolved smaller pieces. This works but you can see the food dissolving, small clouds of particles from each pellet that end up in the filter which then loads it so some gets wasted. I’ve started simply crushing the granules on a cutting block with a knife in order to get pieces that get eaten immediately. That way a few of the smaller tank in habitants can also feed at the same time.

Price for the volume is decent. After weeks of serving this stuff they don’t seem to be less healthy and the colours on them are bright.

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