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Norpro Stainless Steel Funnel Set, 3-Piece

Norpro Stainless Steel Funnel Set, 3-Piece

Nice little funnels however its a good idea to dry them after washing


Nice little funnels. They are indeed stainless steel however they do contain a high level of carbon steel which can rust (you know how some stainless steel knives still rust, same thing here) so it would be wise to dry them after washing.

My first choice was glass funnels but in our house things tend to hit the floor far to often so stainless products have much longer life time.

Overall we’ve gotten good service from these. We do a lot of juicing and will at times fill regular bottles with the juice so smaller funnel sizes allow us to do this with little mess. We use a fair bit of turmeric which can discolour even stainless. So far these have only needed a good wash to eliminate any stains.

They have proven themselves to be worth the investment.

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