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*New Release* USB Rechargeable Cree Led Headlamp Flashlight Super Bright for Night Running Reading Camping Hiking Fishing Hunting – Both an Ultralight Headlight & Mini Hanging Lamp with Red Light

        *New Release* USB Rechargeable Cree Led Headlamp Flashlight Super Bright for Night Running Reading Camping Hiking Fishing Hunting – Both an Ultralight Headlight & Mini Hanging Lamp with Red Light

One skookum little light that I’ve grown rather fond of


This little light is far more useful that your typical head mounted variety light.

When they designed this, they took pretty much everything an outdoor enthusiast would want in a light and give it to them.

The seller supplied images don’t do it justice. Yes, it comes with a band that allows you to wear it on your head so you can light up whatever you happen to be working on but think about going camping. The little fold out handle is easy to attach to the light hook most new tents have. This way you can light up the whole inside of the tent. Hang it from the same handle on a tree and light up your cooking area when preparing as late night snack. Alternatively use the twist on clamp and attach it to your coat lapel or pocket. It’s easy to get creative in where and how it will be used because it is so versatile.

It is very light weight which makes it nice when used on the supplied head strap. Some lights, especially those that use AAA or AA batteries can be heavy which causes them to pull the head band down and over your eyes unless you really tighten the band. Not this little guy. The materials used and the battery, which is light weight, make for an item that weighs in at just over 51 grams.

I did some real-world tests, how long would it run on both hi and low settings. Starting with a full charge for each:
Set on high ‘ 2 hours and 6 minutes
Set on low ‘ 4 hours and 38 minutes
These times are very respectable especially the low setting as even this provides a great deal of light.
Charging from the time the battery completely died, light actually went out to full charge took 63 minutes. This time can vary depending on how much current the USB port your plugged into can provide. If you use any current power banks it should charge fairly quick.

Besides the two above settings, white light hi and low, there are also two setting where it lights up red or flashes red. Since this only has on button to press it’s designed so that a short press will toggle through the two options for each mode. If you long press, about 2 seconds you change modes. This is easy to do and I didn’t need the manual to figure it out. I like the option to have it flash red as this is an excellent way to get someone’s attention if needed.

The micro USB charging port is not water resistant so it’s important you avoid getting the light wet.

I’ve used it a couple of times when working on the underside of my truck. The head band didn’t really work for this but by partially flipping out the little handle which is used for hanging it I used the handle as a brace it sat on the floor and pointed up at the area I was working. I could have used a trouble light but I wanted to do a real-world test. It’s also been used several times when working outside after dark. The head band did come in handy when working inside our bee hives later in the evening. My wife has used it when walking the dog after dark. It’s just one of those handy items you want around.

The head band can accommodate a very large head if needed which means it will fit over a tuque or hood. The elastic has a lot of stretch to it as well. Since the band is wide, 25mm or 1 inch, it doesn’t get uncomfortable when wearing it for an extended period of time.

The attachment that allows it to be twisted onto the head band or clip could be a little tighter but it’s a great concept. You don’t require any tools to make the change which takes all of about 5 seconds to move from one option to the other.

Well done:
~Great run time on both hi and low white light settings
~Alternate solid red light or flashing option
~About an hour to go from dead to fully charged
~Uses any USB port to charge, micro USB port on the light
~Hang, use on head band, or clip to clothing or pack straps
~Simple one button operation to switch between light modes
~Supplied head band is wide and can fit over head gear
~Light weight so if you’re an ultra-light backpacker you’ll be happy with this light

Needs improvement:
~The tab used to hold onto either the clip or head band could be made such that it’s not as lose but this isn’t critical enough to take off any points



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