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Nespresso CitiZ & Milk Espresso Machine by De’Longhi

Nespresso CitiZ & Milk Espresso Machine by De’Longhi, Chrome
Price: CDN$ 339.99


Another Nesspresso machine that lives up to its name

The most important item here, this thing makes a great coffee. After this it’s all just details on the machine.

Like the other Nesspresso machines we have this thing is very good at doing what it’s meant to, make a great cup of coffee and the reason is down to the combination of Nesspresso pods and how well the machine works.

♦ There are a few things that we like about this machine vs. the others. The biggest difference being that the milk frother (Aeroccino) is not setup to have steam run through the milk. The frother here functions like so many others that are a mechanical device, it uses a rapidly spinning stirring mechanism to create the froth while heating the milk. It works well but it’s something we don’t use more than once or twice a month when guests come over. But here’s something we don’t like. We would prefer if the frother were a separate item and not attached to the machine base. Set up as it is, the portion which holds the frother cup is an extension off the right side of the machine which then takes up counter space which we could used for other things. It creates an awkward foot print for the machine. I can see that people who use a frother often would benefit from the current configuration but I can’t help thinking that if it is attached then placing it closer the front rather then the back of the machine would make it easier to use. Back here it can block access to the water reservoir.

♦ The front is well designed. By using a two-tier system the machine can fill both Espresso and Lungo glasses with reduced splashing. For Espresso shots flip down the little shelf located at about mid point. For larger glasses fold this shelf up and place the glass on the bottom level which has a catchment for collecting any drops or spills.

Operating this or any Nesspresso machine has been made about as simple as it gets and the same as the other machines we have:
┌Power the device up
├Place your coffee cup under the spout
├Wait till the selector buttons (Espresso or Lungo) stop flashing
├Once both are lit solid it means the machine is up to temperature
├Lift lever, insert pod, push lever back down
├Then push button for the size of shot you want, Espresso or Lungo
├Let the machine do its thing
└Within a few minutes, you have a great hot shot/cup of coffee

► When done lift the lever, this causes the spent pod to be ejected into the catch bin located right behind spot where you place your coffee cup. Start to finish for me is about 4 minutes. This is longer than a typical cup as I run a second cycle through the same pod just to up the volume of water. Others may scoff at this but that’s the wonderful thing about this coffee maker, you have control that doesn’t exist in carafe coffee makers plus we’ve discovered the Nesspresso brand name coffee pods provide a far better cup than most other machines.

♦ The machine will power down on its own so no need to worry about a power switch.

♦ The one major draw back here is not the machine, its the high price on Nespresso pods. They’re on the expensive side, we’ve tried after market brands but haven’t found any that come close to the originals when it comes to taste.

♦ Like any new coffee machine there was a little set up. The water reservoir needs to be rinsed out and we always run about six cycles through the machine without a pod to clean the inside of the machine. This water just goes down the sink. Once that’s done the machine is ready to go. Now for the first cup, you need to decide which of the 16 varieties of pod that comes in the sample pack your going to use.

Like all DeLonghi machines, the manual that comes with this unit is nicely laid out with relevant images and it walks you through all of the functions, cleaning, and descaling plus offers some good tips.

Fit and finish is all very nicely done, it’s a good-looking machine.

Very well designed and engineered to last a long time plus it’s easy to set up and use

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