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NcStar AK/SKS Front Sight Adjustment Tool (TAK)

41sybvrskdl__sl110_NcStar AK/SKS Front Sight Adjustment Tool (TAK)

For an SKS, really?


Got it fast enough but it isn’t made for my Russian SKS, not even close. Yes I know that one SKS can be substantially different than another but this thing is useless. The windage adjustment doesn’t work at all as it won’t fit the site due to the round site protector. The elevation tool does not go deep enough to actually allow adjustment, the collar narrow enough to fit through the hole on top of the site right above the T handle isn’t long enough to reach the site! Added to this it’s made out of mild steel.

Wont buy NcStar stuff again, just like I wont buy Barska junk again.

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