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Nasion.V Smart Sport Bracelet with Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitor

Nasion.V Smart Sport Bracelet with Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitor
Price:CDN$ 49.99 & FREE Shipping


In it’s price range, this stands out as the best choice for several reasons

There were a number of things which I was sceptical about when I read the information on this band, things like heart rate and especially blood pressure. Sure a lot or fitness bracelets offer heart rate but most aren’t that accurate, but blood pressure, ya right… I was wrong.

TL;DR – There’s a whole lot to like here when compared to other bracelets in the same price range, especially the fairly accurate blood pressure monitor. Step accuracy is the best I’ve found in a bracelet within this price range. App is far ahead of the competition.

The one thing that impressed me, really impressed me, is the ability to give me an accurate blood pressure reading. I don’t know how they accomplish it with such a small device located on a wrist but when I compare it to my blood pressure monitor with real cuff it’s within a few points. I know the monitor is accurate, I check it against my doctors every time second or third visit. For me this is something new. Then add that it accurately reads my blood pressure and stores a history in the app, I am really impressed.

The app itself is impressive. First off, there is no need to register or create an account. All information is stored locally on my phone. This has a down side in that if I change phones I lose history but at the same time I’m not providing my personal info and health information to some distant corporation to be used however they please. This is a real bonus as far as I’m concerned. The app really is far ahead of anything I’ve seen in this price range.

The app is loaded with features I actually use. Its laid out well, written so it can be understood, and offers me the ability to set my info (age, weight, and so on) so that its algorithms can properly guide me. Here’s a short list of features:
► Heart rate
► Blood pressure
► Inactivity timer
► calorie counter
► Step counter
► Swimming stroke counter, time and calorie calculations
► GPS Distance (Location must be active on the phone as the bracelet doesn’t have its own GPS receiver)
♦ Step counting is slightly more accurate that other bracelets I’ve owned. None are perfect so I’m not taking any points for this, in fact because it’s more accurate I’m giving it points.
♦ There are also tweaks that I can make for things light how long the display stays on, allow it to notify me of incoming messages – calls – and it can tie into social media apps to provide alerts coming through those as well. It will even alert you and give a text readout indicting that a Wi-Fi network is available of if connected and in charging mode if your phone can provide these kinds of alerts.
♦ The band is a nice soft silicone rubber which is texturized so that it doesn’t slip around. This softness allows it be snugged up without feeling like my circulation is being cut off.

Charging is done via the included USB to clamp adapter. Since the whole thing is water resistant any kind of micro USB port would require a plug which can come lose and the whole thing could flood. With the clamp and contact scheme there is no opening for water ingress but if the clamp is lost there’s no more charging the bracelet. I’m impressed with the battery, on the first charge I’ve gotten 6 days of service and it still shows 2 bars out of 5.
♦ The charging cable can be used in any USB charging port.

Using it simply requires tapping the display at the closest point toward the body when wearing it on the right wrist. Each time it gets tapped it toggles through the various displays and options. For heart rate and blood pressure, tap and hold for two seconds and it starts the process.

The fold out manual (English and Chinese) is well written, does a very good job of explaining how each function is used and includes QR codes for Android and iPhone which link to the correct app for each type of device.
The app is called “HRPlus Watch”

♦ One interesting feature that I really like is the ability to set how long the clock display shows for when I flick my wrist up to see the display. If I immediately drop my wrist the display goes out saving battery. This is far better than anything I have seen on other fitness bracelets.

There are a couple of features missing that I’ve always had on other fitness bands:
► There’s only one available alarm, other bands allow for several which is great for things like notifications to take medications
► I’m missing the anti-lost feature. Again every other band has this capability. If I get to far from my phone the band should notify me but that option isn’t available here

Since there are two very important and standard features missing I don’t feel justified in handing out anything more than 4 stars.


Very well designed and engineered to last a long time plus it’s easy to set up and use

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