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MPOW Universal 360 Degree Rotation Adjustable Dashboard Windshield Cell Phone Mount

Mpow Universal 360 Degree Rotation Adjustable Dashboard Windshield Cell Phone Mount Holder Cradle with Strong Sticky Gel Pad for iPhone 7 7 Plus 6S/6 Plus 5S SE and Samsung Galaxy S7/S6 edge/S6, Black
Offered by Patec CDN$ 16.59

This is the Swiss Army in vehicle phone holder


4 1/2 stars

Like every item I have that has the MPOW name on it, I’m happy with this dash/windshield phone mount.

In my vehicles mounting anything on the dash means using an adhesive since neither dash has a surface smooth enough for the suction cup to hang on to. The windshield is the only option and wow does this thing cling to a windshield. It’s not just the suction like most similar products, the actual cup seems to be made of that sticky material that will hold onto almost any surface. Without a phone in it, I simply placed the suction cup up against the glass and didn’t push on it, the cup held. I ramble, yes but this is kind of an important item any time you mount something on a windshield. It has to do a very good job of holding or it becomes a hazard. Think about it, the last thing you want in any kind of an accident or even a hard-braking situation is this thing along with your phone flying around the inside of your vehicle, possibly hitting an occupant and hurting them.

The cup also has to be very good at holding on not just because of the above but also because the phone holder sits out far enough that it also puts some leverage on the mount, possibly enough to pull it if it weren’t fastened well. Over the years I’ve used a few different versions of this setup for things like Garmin GPS devices and I have always had the suction cup release as it loses its seal over time and ultimately allows the device to drop. With the added leverage here this would happen a lot sooner if the cup was the same old silicone lick and hope it sticks variety.

The holder will accommodate just about any make and model of phone short of the phablets that are out these days. You can easily expand the left and right hand clasps just by pushing the button located near the bottom on the left-hand side. There are also two fingers that fold out from the bottom that your phone can rest on. These are also adjustable so that they won’t interfere with a charging cable. The inside of the holder and inside of each clasp is coated with a nice soft foam to help get a good grip on the phone and also help protect it from getting scratched by the clasps.

The arm between holder and suction cup/mount is extendable and you can also rotate and swivel the holder on this arm. The extension allows you to have the holder come out another 2 inches (25mm) from the windshield. In other words, you can articulate and manipulate the whole thing to suit your personal taste.

I like this set up, it’s the most versatile device of its kind that I have seen.

The only thing that I would like to see changed is the side clasps. Their position is fixed, they can’t be floated which would allow them to be placed so that side buttons wouldn’t be affected. As it is the right-hand clasp just manages to push on the bottom of the volume down button on my PRIV unless I lift the phone so that it doesn’t rest on the bottom fingers.


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