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Mpow ® Foldable Bluetooth Headphones, [New version]Over-head Wireless/Wired Stereo Headphones

Mpow ® Foldable Bluetooth Headphones, [New version]Over-head Wireless/Wired Stereo Headphones with Microphone for Music Streaming for Smartphone, iPad , iPod, Laptop and MP3 — Black



Great connectivity and BASS!

I ordered these for in the house use as I have in ear phones for out-door and have to say the bass shocked me the most.

Being a guy that loves to blast out some house or drum and bass on the stereo from time to time, I have put myself in one or two moments with the neighbours and wife.
Now I don’t say this lightly as I truly enjoy good sound quality and a reasonable bass capability but these headphone are little gems. The clarity is slightly lacking but as am using these with my IPhone I am able to tweak them for higher treble and voice which with their bass makes for a perfect sound. In fact so much so that since I have had these I haven’t used my stereo at all. I have tried different kinds of music (secret Pink fan) including various rock songs and my favourite Phil Collins and have to say that they sound great across the board, ESP with an equaliser to adjust for preference.

Connectivity was simple and only once, they now connect automatically when turned on.
Sound quality is great ESP with a little tweak for ‘high end’ sound. Excellent true bass sound.
Very comfortable to wear.
Fold up and fit in cotton bag provided for easy carry.
A-lot more control on the ear cup than any other set I’ve seen.
Connectivity is simple and consistently good.
Can be used booth through BT and via 3.5mm Jack provided.
Look great.
All in all for the price I can’t find any likely-hood of there being a better pair on the market!
Easy to recommend.

Very well designed and engineered to last a long time plus it’s easy to set up and use

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