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Mpow Flexible Camera Tripod Cell Phone Travel Stand Holder with Bluetooth Remote Shutter


Love the freedom this kit brings!!
I love this tool, a tri-pod, and the legs can be twisted to bend around pretty much anything to give that aerial view image.
The blue tooth connectivity is great for as far as a phone camera can manage, without making the picture useless. A quick click of the button in your hand clicks the shots for you instead of the old fashioned timer. Gone are the days of running back to the group and looking like something out of a monster movie!
The legs are covered over with a soft foam which looks nice and helps with gripping anything you want it to. Considering the size/height I was surprised at how light it is too, fits in a box the full length of the tool which is handy for packing into a holiday suit case.
In the box is,
An attachment for Go-Pro to connect to the tri-pod, the tri-pod itself and the blue-tooth button with its wrist strap already connected.
Great kit and will certainly get its use and bring us fun in the process! Just hope I can hold onto it long enough with my daughter trying to get her hands on it!
100% recommended by me and my family.

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