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Mookis Portable Auto Tire Inflator With Digital Display 150PSI

Air Compressor,Mookis Auto Tire Inflator Portable Digital Dispaly Car Air Pump,12V DC 150PSI|
Offered by Mookis Direct
Price: CDN$ 47.99


Easy to store and great as an emergency item

This is somewhat quieter than other similar devices I’ve owned over the years, it’s also slightly smaller than the others.

One notable item here is the hose and cable management. Both can be tucked away nicely and they stay in place.

From a usability stand point it scores pretty high. I can easily set the pressure I want or simply use the pre-set value of 30 PSE which will work for most passenger vehicles. It’s when used for my truck tires that I need to up the pressure and the front facing control and readout make this easy. Simply pressing the + or – buttons adds or subtract one half (1/2) PSI at a time. If I wanted to work in BAR, KPA, or KGF/CM I can do so by depressing the “R” button repeatedly which then toggles through the readout options.

One thing I noticed while using it to top off one of my truck tires is that it got warm quite fast. The suggested run time is 8 minutes continuous. If I were to try filling the same tire I would probably have to power off the compressor for a short bit a couple of times. I’m ok with this as the compressor is for emergency purposes not continuous use.

► The hose could be a little longer, when filling the truck tire, if the tire is such that the valve is higher I have to hold the compressor so that it doesn’t hang from the valve clamp. The clamp does hold tight but I don’t want that much strain on it.
► The power cable could also be another two feet longer and it would then reach the rear tire on a pick up without having to strain things.
► It’s about as loud as other mini compressors in the same class.
► The top mounted LED light stays on as long as the compressor is plugged in. This is kind of a nuisance and I would prefer if it was on a switch as there’s no point to having this thing on all the time, especially during the day. I found that because I’m working from above the light has a tendency to shine right in my eyes.

Gauge accuracy is only slightly off. I found that at 30 PSI it showed 29.5. at the upper end, when I filled my truck tire to 60 PSI the actual pressure was 60.5. These are close enough for me and again, this is more of an emergency item so the pressure gauge tolerance is adequate.


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