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Metagenics- Candibactin-AR 120 softgels

Metagenics- Candibactin-AR 120 softgels

Candibactin-AR got rid of so called asthma


For years doctors have been trying to treat my wife’s asthma. They have for years prescribed countless doses of antibiotics and steroids and none of their treatments have helped one miniscule bit. Then she went to see a holistic practitioner who immediately determined that she had candida in her lungs that was causing the aggravation. For years she had  bad acid reflux which resulted in the bacteria getting into her lungs. After less than one month she is off her asthma pill, rescue inhaler – Ventolin, and regular inhaler. In other words this product in less than one month got rid of her asthma (once properly diagnosed) and at the same time the contents of the capsules actually helped her body whereas the antibiotics and steroids do nothing but tear down the body.

So the white coats couldn’t even test for something like this, all they can do is guess and keep pushing pills that ultimately make us sicker.

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