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Men’s Genuine Leather Long Bifold Business Card Holder

Men’sGenuine Leather Long Bifold Business CardHolder MoneyClip PurseWalletQB169blackpw
Offered by YiKu FuShi Price: CDN$ 47.99

Big brand name looks for a decent price means more money for holidays


It’s labelled as a Men’s wallet however unless you use a Murse I can’t see many guys using a wallet this large. That said, it’s the same size as the wallet my wife uses.

My first thought as I opened the package was that if felt light. Not that this is a bad thing as there is so much that gets stuffed in a wallet that it ends up weighing more than is comfortable, so says my wife. Obviously if the wallet had any heft it just makes the situation worse. There are enough slots for cards, 20 in all ‘ 3 with windows, and two full-length sleeves behind the card slots on the outer most foldouts for holding items larger then credit card cards (think folding money). Since coins haven’t been removed from commerce yet, inside the zippered packet is another good sized and zippered pocket that is perfect for holding coins. On either side of this pocket are areas that can be used for storage, they are large enough to hold most smart phones. I’m not sure that it’s a great idea to store credit cards that close to a phone as the RF emitted by phones is enough to scramble the magnetic strip on credit and debit cards. The point is that there is a lot of room here, you have the ability to put two smartphone sized items in the large zippered pocket.

The leather material has a glossy finish and is very smooth. The leather stitching is well done but I did find some wayward threads on the inside coin pocket zipper stitches. Nothing serious so no points taken. The inner liner is also well stitched and it’s a nice material

The clasp is wide with a snap that closes tight. The two zippers are different. The outside zipper is wide and made of metal teeth whereas the inside coin pocket zipper is plastic and runs much smoother. I find that the outside zipper is larger than it needs to be for such small sized item but it does have a nice designer pull tab on it.

Pricing here is certainly in line with other similar wallets my wife has purchased.

In general, the fit and finish is well done with no rough edges or blemishes. The smooth outer leather may show nicks and dings a little sooner than a rougher finish would but this wallet looks good as it is.

I know that a lot of people put worth on flashing around brand names, this is something that I as a mere Neanderthal don’t understand. Does anyone really need to spend $300 on something just to get a big brand name? I’d rather buy something like this that looks good and saves me a load of cash which I can then put towards a holiday but that’s just me.


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