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MeasuPro Digital Instant Read Stem Thermometer with Temperature Alarm and Large LCD Display

MeasuPro Digital Instant Read Stem Thermometer with Temperature Alarm and Large LCD Display

A long stemmed and accurate beauty but beware the battery change

4 1/2 stars

The extra-long stem on this thermometer is a welcome addition to our kitchen.

We often make soap and lotion which means heating items up on the stove but we need an accurate way to measure temperatures as just a few degrees one way or the other and we can lose a batch. We’ve tried various other digital thermometers and some were accurate enough but we grabbed this one because we can set an alarm to alert us when a certain temp is reached. We can be taking care of another item and not have to stand there watching and waiting for the solution to reach the right temp.

The pots we use while not the deepest are also not the shallowest so having the long stem, 20.5cm or 8 inches, means we don’t have to stick our hands down into the pot to get a reading. By using a simple twist tie we can set the thermometer up to hang on the side allowing us to take advantage of the alarm.

Holding the body is very easy. The inverted tear drop with the widest areas on top means it’s easy to hold between your thumb and forefinger. The power button is located on the back, again because of the way you hold the body, using the power button is easy. Located right underneath the power button is the button for switching between C and F.

Using the alarm function is very simple. Press and hold either the up or down button till the display flashes and then use the buttons to select the temperature you need the alarm for, either higher or lower. Once you have the right temperature press the STOP/ON OFF button once to turn on the alarm. That’s it. Now if the temperature either goes above or below, depending on what you set, you will hear an audible beeping and the red LED under the left hand side of the display will flash.

If the batteries are low the display will flash ‘L’ to advise you to change them. This will require a small Philips head screw driver and two new LR44 button cells. You will need to remove the five small screws on the back, replace the batteries, slip the back cover back on being careful to keep the black moisture seal in place and then reinsert the screws. In all about a 5-minute job. The good thing here is that if you don’t leave it on when not needed, because there are two batteries they will last a long time. When you remove the screws be careful not to lose the tiny O rings that are used on each, this helps keep the whole thing moisture resistant.

In use we found that it was accurate to within .5 C when compared to some much higher priced thermometers. The error was liner, from -10 C to 100 C. For us this is well within the range we need and certainly for the great majority of all kitchen needs.

The stem has some carbon steel in it so make sure to dry it after cleaning to avoid any rust spots.

~Nice long stem, 20.5 cm (8 inches)
~Accurate to with .5 C which is linear from -10 to 100 C
~Sharp enough point that it can be pushed into meat
~East to set and use alarm for either low or high temperature
~Uses standard off the shelf LR44 button battery
~Inverted tear drop design makes holding the thermometer easy
~Very simple to operate with only one hand

What I don’t like:
~You have to disassemble the body to replace the batteries, this could have been done much better with a simple hatch on the back that has a moisture seal.



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