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Lavica Medium Roast Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules

Lavica Medium Roast Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules LUNGO ESPRESSO (60 capsules)


It tastes vaguely like coffee, like some kids training variety of coffee

I am not impressed. Yes it tastes vaguely like coffee but where’s the richness it advertises? I really have to question the claim that this was roasted and packaged in Italy. I’ve travelled much of Italy on several occasions and know that any true Italian would rather toss this stuff in the sea than try to pass it off as coffee.

Yes the pod’s fit the standard Nesspresso machine but even the pods have a problem. If you have one of these machines, you’ll know that the pods end up with three holes punched into the small end about half way between the centre and outer edge to allow water through the pod evenly. The real Nesspresso pods are metal, an aluminium/foil affair that allows holes to be poked through them. These pods are made of plastic and the plastic doesn’t allow holes to be pushed through it so instead they make the pods so that once compressed there are three little break open vents that get popped up on the outer rim, not the centre where they should be. By pushing water through the outer rim it doesn’t run through the area in the centre of the pod which may account for some of the lack of flavour but I doubt this alone is what makes it such lousy coffee. It does however make the water runs e x t r e m l y slow, literally you can see the droplets not a stream of water, that takes a good 4 minutes (no exaggeration) to produce a decent sized cup. By the time its finished the first part has already cooled in the mug and if you go for a latte and add foam, well you may as well call it a Tim’s Ice Cap.

Avoid this stuff and go for the real thing, we won’t be buying again – EVER!

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