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Laptop Sleeve Water-Resistant Protective Cover

Laptop Sleeve Water-Resistant Protective Cover – 1
Offered by ATailorBirdUS
Price: CDN$ 20.99


Well made and nice no slip material makes this a good deal

I know this is made for laptops but I regularly need it for a similar but different device, my Surface 2 tablet.

Since I travel a fair bit I need to keep my tablet and other associated required gear with me. Up till now I had been using a rather rigid folio which worked but often gave me trouble when packing into a suit case. The softshell here, while still offering protection, allows for the case to flex and even slightly bend as needed to get it positioned in the suit case without anything getting damaged.

One real advantage that the case has over the ridged folio is the grip I can get on the material even in sub-zero temperatures. The leather bound folio just got slippery, especially when I wear gloves but here the material offers a nice coarse weave kind of surface that’s easy to hold onto. It also slips out from under my arm a lot less than the folio did. The inner lining is very soft, not the kind of thing that’s going to scratch up my stuff.

I’ve used other cases but they either had zero protection (padding) or not enough room to hold all the peripheral items I need to schlep around with me. In addition to the related gear I also need to carry client files (letter size folders) with me and these comfortably fit into the case.

The outer pocket is set up as expected to hold pens, phones, calculators, business cards and other related items that I use daily.

The quality here is very good. Stitching is well done with no loose ends, the zippers run smooth, and everything is just aligned properly. By this I mean there are no crooked corners or bunched up material at the seams.

One thing I would like to see is the zippers run at least another two inches down each end. As its designed, the middle portion doesn’t open wide enough to make loading and unloading the gear easy. I have to sort of slide stuff in rather than lay it in. I do have a 15 inch laptop as well that I’ve used the case for and still found that having a larger opening would make inserting and removing the laptop far easier.

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