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Knorr Brown Classic Roast Gravy Mix 30g, 24 count

Knorr Brown Classic Roast Gravy Mix 30g, 24 count
Price: CDN$ 42.53


Looks like brown cause, pours like brown sauce, but taste like brown sauce – not so much

It looks like brown sauce (gravy) and tastes kind of like it but it lacks the real gravy taste you get when making your own from scratch.

Looks wise it really does give the impression of being a tasty gravy, my brain simply associates the look with what it remembers to be something enjoyable and then after the first taste, well it’s a disappointment. The taste here is so subtle that it’s hard to really call it brown sauce, this is if you associate brown sauce with that which would normally be made from the juices leftover from making a roast. This just provides something wet on an otherwise dry item on my plate. Using chemicals to reproduce flavour works most of the time but here is just doesn’t cut it.

It cooked up easily enough like the other similar Knorr products and it turned out smooth, even creamy you could say. If I was a in a rush and forgot to make a sauce from scratch I could use this but it would take some more spices to give it any real taste. I don’t want to call it bland as there is enough salt but it lacks the kind of flavour that’s present in a real sauce. The other thing it lacks is the kind of flavour you can only get from a little bit of the grease that comes off a roast.

Will I use this stuff in the future, probably not. I may keep a package around for that one event where I forgot to make the real stuff but that would be it.

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