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KingYou High Performance Tangle Free Metal Earbuds

KingYou High Performance Tangle Free Metal Earbuds Rich Bass Corded Premium Quality Noise Isolating In-ear Headphone with Mic for iPhone Android Smartphones(Gray)
Offered by Deyi Inc Price: CDN$ 15.99

For an under $20.00 headset I’m blown away!


With headsets like this it’s getting harder and harder to justify spending a lot of money on so called better big name brands.

With any kind of an audio product how they sound is a very personal thing. I can only tell you how I enjoyed this headset and what it sounded like for me. You will probably have a different experience but this is what equalizers were made for and in most cases making a few tweaks on an equalizer will produce a more pleasing result for virtually anybody.

Let me get the good stuff out there first:
~Small and light weight
~For their size, these things have incredible sound quality and clarity
~No distortion while bass is pounding
~Able to produce even subtle background instruments under heavy bass
~No matter what genre of music I played through this thing it all sounds excellent
~Anti-tangle cable
~Cable has built in sleeve on bud wires after splitter to manage the cable better
~Very clear microphone that sounds excellent on the phone end
~Cable mounted control box and microphone
~Where the cable meets ear buds the strain relief is well done, the wire is less likely to break
~Over all build quality plus fit and finish is very well done.

While some people collect watches, I collect headsets for some reason. This means I’ve managed to listen to more of them than the average human will in a life time. I don’t say this to be arrogant, I’m just stating that personally I’ve been able to compare many different make and models and these have seriously impressed me. I own a couple of very high end products and I’ve found myself reaching out for these when I go for a wired headset this last week that I’ve had them around.

The first thing I noticed when taking them out of the box is how light they are. They are also small, in that when placed in your ear they are really in your ear. There is very little of an ear bud that protrudes beyond your ear, almost true In Ear Monitors.

What impressed me once I got them on is that even with heavy bass pounding at the drivers I could still make out when a musician was stressing the reed on his sax or cymbals being brushed in the background and they were crisp, clearer than I would have expected. There were no subtle background instruments that got washed out. It’s all there, the clarity is unbelievable. If you want to experience how clear Celine Dion’s voice sounds, or any of the extremely talented singers we have today, put on one of these headsets.

When fitted with the right gels this is an immersive headset. And all of this at any volume level! I never experienced any distortion when running at full volume on either my PRIV or Lumia.

I found that when setting up the equalizer I didn’t have to push the high end as much as I would for other headsets. This isn’t to say that they are tinny, by no means, they equally as efficient at producing high end frequencies as they are low end bass.

I was also able to select various environments such as theatre, club, or any of the others that my music players have available and I was still amazed at how well this headset managed to provide an immersive experience that mimicked the environment as good as the player was capable of producing.

Construction of the whole thing has been well designed and executed. The wire has nice rubber strain reliefs at each joint which means there is little chance of a wire breaking inside the cable because of all the movement that headset cables take in their life time. The cable looks like its braided but there is a protective translucent silicone cover on it. This gives it a classy appearance.

For phone conversations, the microphone provides clear and very good sounding audio to person at the other end. The control box located on the right-hand ear bud is where the mic is located as well as the one switch which is used for answering/hanging up a call, pause/play for the music player or if your phone will support it, by using multiple clicks you can forward to the next tune or go backwards as well.

For negatives, what negatives, I can’t even find anything to nit-pick about never mind complain about something.

I would suggest to the maker that if they increased the length of cable by a foot this would make it easier using the headset when running with the phone located in a pouch which sits on the lower back. The current cable length makes for occasionally tugging at it while stretching or twisting to the side that’s opposite to where the cable comes around to the front. It might be ok for you ultra-skinny people but for us Neanderthals it’s a little short.


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