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Kihappy Stainless Steel Cast Iron Scrubber Cleaner

Kihappy Stainless Steel Cast Iron Scrubber Cleaner , 8×6 inch for Pan, Skillet, Griddle and Wok
Offered by Exploit Global
Price: CDN$ 14.99


Should have got one of these years ago

I’ve seen these cast iron pan scrubbers like this before but just wasn’t sure if they really worked as great as everyone mentioned. When I saw this come up on a lightning deal I decided to grab it and see for myself. I should have got it a long time ago.

Getting a few extra bucks off was great but if I would have got it sooner I would have spent less time grumbling. Previous to this I was using the green scouring pads with a great deal of care, with this I don’t have to worry about damaging the seasoning like the scrubbers can if you press too hard. In about a minute an 11-inch pan is cleaned up, any crusty stuff is gone fast. It does take quite a lot of circular scrubbing, not that I have to press very hard but because this isn’t flat it takes a while to get the ring edges to contact all of the stuff I want to remove and release it.

My biggest concern with these things is that the hard stainless would damage the seasoning. If you’ve ever spent the time it takes to properly season an iron pan you’ll understand the anxiety that comes with taking something metal to it. I was relieved that this did not remove anything it wasn’t supposed to.

To finish up, a soft cloth or paper towel is all that’s needed to get rid of any bits that didn’t stick to the scrubber.

Cleaning the scrubber itself is simple, I just toss it into the sink and wash it with the dishes (we don’t use a dish washer so can’t give you info on how well that works) and it really only takes a bit of rubbing around in the palm of a hand to remove any oil/grease it may have collected. Rinse with hot water and leave to air dry.

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