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Kidney Stones: How To Treat Kidney Stones- How To Prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones: How To Treat Kidney Stones- How To Prevent Kidney Stones
by Ace McCloud

What a waste of money, Turkey Alert


This is another one of those books someone has created with all information being taken from a web site. Yes, a web site, the give away is the fact that there are hyperlinks embedded in the text, just as you would get if you copied text from a web site and pasted it into a Word document, heck it even says CLICK HERE. You will glean more information in 15 minutes of searching online than is contained within this book.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s actually in the book:
11 pages of large text explaining only general information on kidney stones, treatments and causes.
2 1/2 pages on eating healthy (like you’re mother didn’t already teach you these things)
4 pages of adds for other pamphlets… err books I mean
2 blank pages, probably a good place for all of those notes you might want to make (yes I’m being sarcastic)

Ace McCloud puts out some real turkeys and loves to push them in every “book” he sells, hence the 4 pages of advertisements. This is the second book by him I was duped into buying so I base this not on just this one book and expect all of his publishing’s to be the same. I wont waste another dime on anything that as his name on it.

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