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Island Fresh SUPERIOR Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Island Fresh SUPERIOR Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Cold-pressed and Unrefined for Irresistible Aroma and Taste, 54 Ounce

Clean and pure with an excellent flavor

It’s nice to see another option for clean pure Coconut oil. We made the switch and have been using coconut oil for frying a couple of years ago. The main reason is the high smoke point. Smoke point simply means the temperature that an oil starts to smoke at, this is when it becomes carcinogenic. Having the highest smoke point of all cooking oils this makes it the safest from that stand point. Many will argue over other nutritional aspects and facts but let’s face it, if I’m frying something the Canada food guide isn’t open in front of me. Besides, if you like coconut then you’ll probably enjoy the flavor this ads to so many dishes. Yes it’s more expensive than many other cooking oils you could chose from but for flavor and frying we’ve not found anything that beats it. Also with many oils, think sun flower and canola, the oils are derived from GMO crops which is another thing we want to avoid as much as possible. I’ve never seen any coconut oil that wasn’t organic.

It’s great for cooking but it also has other uses that we’ve discovered over the years, we use it for conditioning hair and skin, in homemade tooth paste, oil pulling (look it up), rubbing into bamboo cutting boards to protect them from everyday abuse, baking, and homemade salves. The mild antiseptic properties of this oil make it an excellent option for use on skin and some mild rashes. For me personally it helps reduce the severity of eczema flare ups.

The Island Fresh is a brand we’ve not used before but I’m glad I got a chance to try it. This is niece clean oil with no foreign items. The taste is fresh and appearance wise it looks like any other high end coconut oil we’ve used.

There’s only one thing we’ve found wrong with this oil, its all to do with how small the container is!

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