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iCoostor Handheld Tactical Torches IPX5 5 Modes Zoomable Focus

LED Flashlight iCoostor Handheld Tactical Torches Flashlight Super Brightness Waterproof IPX5 5 Modes Zoomable Focus For Outdoor (E6-1 or 2 pcs)
Offered by iCoostor Price: CDN$ 16.99

A good looker that throws a lot of light and might save your butt some day. Buy one or two at a time


First thing to note is that these lights are NOT water proof, they may be moisture resistant at best. Yes, there is an O ring seal around the back cover which houses the switch but the front bezel holding the lens is not gasketed in any way. This would be enough to allow water to enter right where it should be kept away from, the electronics right behind the LED.

There is an option to buy two of these at once – LED Flashlight iCoostor Handheld Tactical Torches Flashlight Super Brightness Waterproof IPX5 5 Modes Zoomable Focus For Outdoor (E6-2PCS)
Or just one at a time – LED Flashlight iCoostor Handheld Tactical Torches Flashlight Super Brightness Waterproof IPX5 5 Modes Zoomable Focus For Outdoor (E6-1pcs)

**Definition of IPX5 ‘ Water projected in powerful jets (12.5 mm nozzle) against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.
** Take that as being a temporary thing and not a sustained assault. Any sustained exposure will cause water ingress with this flashlight.

And that’s about all I can say that’s negative about these lights. They are bright, very bright, and the sliding bezel allows you to zoom the beam or cast a wide spread of light. The bezel could be tightened up a bit. Right now, while not lose to the point where it will slide on its own it doesn’t take much to move the bezel.

There is a nice weight to the light, it feels solid. The bezel is quite a bit wider than the body and has indents on the machined grooves to make holding onto it a little easier, its less likely to just slide out of your hand. The main body doesn’t have any knurling and does feel slippery even dry.

The switch is nice and wide, it’s easy to get your finger on it to activate. While easy to get at it does take a fair bit of pressure to depress it. I can’t see it being accidently turned on if left in a glove compartment of back pack.

One of the things that attracted me to this light is that there are 5 modes. The first three, high, medium, and low power are mainstays in flashlights these days. medium power looks like its roughly 60%, and low looks like its roughly 40% of full. Then there are two flashing modes, the first looks like it strobes at about 34 times per second, very fast. The last mode is a simple repeated SOS, the universal code for help which actually stands for Save Our Souls. So, whether you’re looking for a lost hampster under the stairs, trying to find the dock while on a like in the dark, or find yourself stranded the light will help get you through a lot of different life events.

Replacing the three required (not included) AAA batteries is simple enough. Remove the back cap that the switch is mounted in and slide out the battery carrier. Pop out the old and slip in the new batteries and replace the carrier and back cover. The flashlight has reverse polarity protection. When I put the carrier in backwards the light did not work but it also wasn’t damaged. Removing and placing the carrier in the correct way enabled the light again. I like this reverse polarity protection, it’s not something that every flashlight has.

~The attached lanyard is quite large and even with my large hands it slips right on.
~The small scale showing relative zoom setting under the bezel
~Very broad lens and bezel allows for casting a very wide beam of light if wanted
~Zooming the bezel results in a very focused and tight beam of light
~The bezel zooms smoothly
~Fit and finish are excellent
~Uses three standard AAA batteries
~5 modes of operation

Overall this is a well-built flashlight that should serve for long time, just don’t go swimming with it.


Very well designed and engineered to last a long time plus it’s easy to set up and use

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