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HRider® Ventilate Wear-resistant Tactical Gloves Hard Knuckle and Foam Protection

HRider® Ventilate Wear-resistant Tactical Gloves Hard Knuckle and Foam Protection for Shooting Airsoft Hunting Cycling Motorcycle Gloves Men’s Outdoor Half finger Full finger Gloves
Offered by Adiew Price: CDN$ 29.80

Good grip, excellent knuckle protection, and very comfortable


I was looking for a pair of gloves that I could use for a variety of purposes and I was expecting these to be cheap enough that I could use them for a while and then toss them. I’m surprised at how much better they are than expected.

The fit here is near perfect. I usually wear XL gloves and that’s what I selected here. In most cases I end up having some extra room in the finger pockets, the pockets tend to be longer than my fingers. With these there is maybe a quarter inch which is excellent. The patches located in the palm area are padded and have a finish which makes them grip items better, padded and no slip.

The material doesn’t offer any real insulation so they won’t be that helpful in the winter but that’s not what they’re made for. The material used for the whole glove feels good and the slightly suede kind of finish also helps you get a good grip on things.

The knuckle protectors fit perfectly across all four knuckles, at least in the size I have. The Velcro wrist straps are wide and comfortable when snugged up.

I can see where these would be very useful on a paintball or air gun course. If you’ve ever taken a paint ball to your knuckles or back of your hand, you’ll know what I mean.

Overall they are a good buy and will be looking for a second set to keep in the trunk.


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