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HowiseAcc Broadcast Studio Microphone Mic Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand Recording

HowiseAcc Broadcast Studio Microphone Mic Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand Recording
Offered by HowiseAcc
Price: £13.99

Does the job perfectly!
So like most pc gamers I’m one of those who is the next You-tube star never going to happen! That doesn’t stop me, I thought as I am playing around with editing my vids to go on you-tube, I’d try an open mic for voice over.
Ok so in the box comes, the scissor arm, the bracket and the mic grip.
The arm is perfectly long enough for my needs and has plenty of movement, the springs counter the weight of my Logitech Guitar Hero mic and a home-made pop filter just fine, in fact when I get around to ordering a shock guard I have no doubt that it will be just fine with the extra weight. The arm has a midway screw to fold lock the arm if needed although I prefer having mine loose but it’s nice that it’s there.
The clamp is great it has a 60mm bracket with twist down grip cup to grip anything under that 60mm. The cup stops any damage to the surface the clamp is connected too although I would recommend a sliver of wood between the bracket and surface you want to protect purely being overcautious.
The mic grip is smaller than a standard singing mic but is nice and soft to enable the grip to expand while keeping a firm grip. The grip is also screwed on to a standard thread size for most mics, so yes it will hold a Snowball or other standard screw socket mics, if you want to change the provided grip for a shock mount or direct mic connection.
So why the 4 star vote you ask, purely down to the metal used for this setup, it’s a little thinner than I hoped and I can see a slight flex in places but hey, for the price you cannot argue with the quality and usability of this mic arm!
Love it and no regrets, happy to recommend but must encourage a shock mount to stop vibrations due to the thinner metal.

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