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Hoover WH20400CPC Steam Scrub Pro

Hoover WH20400CPC Steam Scrub Pro-Plain Carton
Price: CDN$ 149.99


Should have had one of these years ago but recently it saved the day after a sewer back up

I’ve been using one of those cheap floor washers for a while, fill a bottle with a little cleaning solution, clip it into the holder and slip on a cleaning pad. Spray and then scrub scrub scrub in an effort to get messes cleaned up. Sometimes it was faster to just grab a spray bottle of cleaner and paper towels to get rid of sticky things. The Hoover with it’s steam and cleaning solution powers through this stuff like I’ve not seen before.

TL;DR – Gets a messy job done quickly with little effort. Steam makes cleaning so much faster. The steam also killed bacteria that was causing odours in our basement after a sewer back up.
► Different settings, steam – tile – vinyl – wood makes it easy to select the level of steam needed.
► The steam is activated by pulling a trigger located inside the top handle
► The fact that I can easily dial up the level of steam I need certainly helps ensure I get a better result
► The power cable is 26 feet, or just under 8 meters, long so it’s easily moved from one room to
another without unplugging. It nicely wraps up on the top portion of the machine.

The machine isn’t complicated to assemble or use, it took me less than 5 minutes to assemble without reading the instructions. The few pieces that there are simply click into place. Once I had done a couple of dry runs placing the scrubbing pads I got the hang of how they align and now it’s a 10 second task. Depending on how dirty the floors are I find that generally one pad allows me to get everything I need cleaned up. While not rough, the pads do provide some scrubbing action, the terry cloth type of material removes and then holds the gunk. I’ve not tried anything but the supplied cleaning solution but I’ve found that it works very nicely on all manner of gunk. It also seems to help kill bacteria.

So far everything works the way it’s supposed to. Once turned on its ready to start steaming in less than 30 seconds, far faster than I was expecting. When powering it up, the POWER indicator light comes on, once the steam indicator light comes on it’s ready to go. Both of these are located right under the power switch mounted on the front of the machine.

In our home we have vinyl tile, laminate, and carpeting. In the basement we also have a section of simple painted concrete floor that due to a recent sewer line back up needed some attention. The back up wasn’t at tragic levels but enough to get some unsavoury material across a good section of the concrete, fortunately it never got to other areas where we have different flooring. It was here that I really got to test the scrubber. Once the bottom section that holds the pad is removed (step on the button located on the top of the cleaning section) it exposes a scrub brush kind of element with loads of bristles. It was this particular portion of the scrubber that I employed to clean the sewage gunk. The steaming action and cleaning solution did a very good job of killing bacteria and lifting unwanted material from the paint. I had figured on the paint being removed as steaming could do this but was pleasantly surprised that I don’t have to do any touch up painting and all the nastiness is gone. This saved me a lot of money since I didnt have to rent a machine to clean up the leftovers from the flood.

With the vinyl and laminate flooring, this thing makes for very quick cleaning. My wife is in canning and jam making mode which always results in a sticky kitchen floor. All traces are gone in 60 seconds. The laminate cleans equally fast although I have to mention that from past experience its important to not go all in with any moisture on laminate. I use bursts of stem every 10 seconds or so. Following this routine I’ve not caused any laminate to start swelling or separating, something that can happen even with the best products. I dont have any tile flooring but have no doubt it will work just as well on that kind of material.

On carpets the slip on slider does allow for freshening things up. The pad is left on and the slider fits over top. This is not a steam cleaner as there is nothing to vacuum up any excess water. The idea as far as I can tell is to simply kill bacteria that cause odours and the steam does this quite nicely.

The pads are easily washed. My wife tosses them into the laundry with other things like work clothes and they come out nice and clean each time. So far nothing has remained stuck to them after a wash cycle. Only time will tell how long they last.

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