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Hoover Air Cordless Lift Upright Vacuum

Hoover Air Cordless Lift Upright Vacuum
Price: CDN$ 199.99


The 3.0 cleans like a kid downing an ice cream cone

I’ve had the opportunity over the last few weeks to evaluate a number of different Hoover cordless vacuums and this model is like the Grand Daddy of them all.

The first thing you should know about this model is that it does a terrific job doing what it is designed for, cleaning floors. It does come with a couple of accessories such as a crevice and deep crevice tool and a wand that pulls out of the top but using it for anything other than the floor is not as convenient. The hose can be released from the power head but due to its rather short length it’s hard to reach anything other than a spot on the floor with the dusting attachment or, you can as depicted in the manufacturer supplied images get at some stairs while carrying the vacuum up them. Even detaching the hose from the power head is difficult as it has to be gotten at from an odd angle. What it was made to do, clean floors, it does very very well. There is more vacuum power with this model than the others in the cordless line up.

It comes with two power head brushes, one standard hard bristle for cleaning rugs and a soft version that does a not to bad job of buffing up hardwood and laminate floors. I found that it does an excellent job of pulling in dust from the area where the floor boards meet the floor. This means I don’t need to go over the same area with a dust brush to ensure I got everything in the corners. Changing out the power head brushes is simple and requires no tools or technical knowhow. There are two clips on the bottom of the power head that you release and the bottom cap comes off. You can then pull out the brush for cleaning or if you want to you can switch it out for the other version, based on what kind of surface your moving to. The whole process to release and replace the brush is about a two-minute job.

For power the 3.0 comes with two high capacity LithiumLife batteries and a rapid (3 hour) charger. These are the same LithiumLife batteries you’ll find on the other current cordless models like the Lift or hand held vacuum. This means that if you already own any of the other models the batteries are completely interchangeable. We get approximately 50 minutes of service out of one battery and as with the Lift and hand held vacuums, the battery provides full power till the voltage in the battery drops enough and then it shuts down. No lingering quasi service out of a dying battery like other makes. Having the second battery ensures that you can finish off the job in cases where prolonged service is required.

Driving this vacuum around the house is actually fun. It’s as if it has power steering since the brush pulls it ahead and the pivot point between vacuum body and power head makes navigating around things like chair legs a breeze. There are two very bright LED’s located up high enough (just under the battery holder) that cast a good amount of light for use in darker areas of the home. I can honestly say that since we got this vacuum on a daily basis our house has been cleaner simply because this thing is so easy to use and does such a great job, couple that with having fun while using it and there is no reason not to take it out for a 5-minute spin at least once a day. We have one small area rug that’s the old 70’s shag, about 1-inch-long pile that this thing marches right through. Yes, the power head does slow down a little here and I was expecting it to stall but it powers right through the whole thing. I also have a mat at our front door that has the very short pile and deep groves that make up the grid pattern. Our previous corded vacuum had a hard time getting all the sand and dust in these grooves, the 3.0 cleans this thing like a kid downing an ice cream cone.

The clear dust bin can be pulled, emptied, and replaced in under a minute, it’s that easy. The dust is just over a litre in capacity so for most homes it will mean emptying it after every good cleaning but since emptying it is a 1-minute task I don’t see this as a negative. Besides, who wants smelly stuff sitting in a closet causing odours, you vacuum to get rid of this stuff on your floors why store it. The filter like other models is labelled with the instructions to rinse it every 4 to 6 uses plus a second filter was included in the box. I like the rinse and reuse idea and I also like getting a second filter so that if I all of a sudden do need to replace it I’m not running around in a panic looking for one in the stores. Hoover has done a terrific job of making their cordless vacuums not only easy to use but they are also practical. The designers have obviously spent a lot of time planning and researching how to make their products useable and reliable. And I expect it to be reliable, Hoover has a 5-year warranty on this machine and they also cover the batteries for 5 years. Most batteries, if they have a 2-year warranty that’s a lot. It says something when a manufacturer is so confident in their products that they extend a 5 -year warranty.

The whole vacuum is very light weighing in at under 4.5 kilo’s (10 pounds) and this is primarily because of the all plastic construction. Yes, it’s all plastic but I can’t say that it feels poorly built, in fact it’s a rather solid piece of equipment. I had one of the other current models, the Lift, accidentally drop and roll down a dozen wood stairs without any damage whatsoever. Both the 3.0 and the Lift are built the same way so I would expect the same results if this one took the same tumble down the stairs but I won’t be doing any torture testing. To me the plastic construction is good engineering as it keeps the machine light and doesn’t compromise on strength.

I like
That there are two batteries, I can finish off the whole house
Five-year warranty on machine AND batteries, if the manufacturer is confident in their product then so am I
Light and easy to carry, the top handle makes lifting it easy
Turning it on and off is easy, the buttons are on top of the power unit meaning no stooping to use the power button or trying to activate it with your foot
Easy to manoeuvre, drives itself and powers around corners on the pivot point with ease
Very quick and easy dust bin clean up, pop out the power unit, press a button and the dust bin bottom opens up, close bottom and replace power unit
Hard and soft bristle brushes for different floor types, clean up carpets and buff hardwood floors
Rapid charger for the batteries, always have a charged battery to finish off the cleaning
Can be used for vacuuming stairs, hose can be pulled off power head and used on the wand with attachments

I don’t like
That I didn’t have this years ago

I can’t find anything that I don’t like about this vacuum based on what it was designed to do and how it performs. It needs to be compared to others in its class, not some corded power hungry monster that weighs in at 15 kilos’.

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