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HLYOON Water Resistant Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

A light and a slightly narrower working end would be nice


Ok, I’m an old guy and as such I have hair growing where it doesn’t belong. I do have a couple of other trimmers for doing nose and ear hairs, even a couple of shavers with attachments that allow for getting after these hairs, but all of them are loud. It’s not a problem when doing nose hairs but for getting in the ear I want something as quiet as possible, not something that sounds like a 747 winding up it’s engines, and this little guy is quiet. To take a guess I would say its no more than a quarter as loud as any of the others.

It works well, the cutter head does a good job of cleaning up and because of the O ring seals on the battery compartment and drive end it can be run under a tap for clean-up. The battery is one single AA which makes it cheap to run and easy to keep going since AA’s are something we always have around.

Other than the silver strip which is where the switch is (three ) ) ) ribs) the body is covered in a rubberized coating which makes it easy to hang on to. It’s also a good size for getting a grip on it, right in the Goldilocks zone, not too big and not too small.

There are a couple of things that could be improved.
► First off, the cutter head sits on an end that could stand to be half as thick, this would make it easier to get into nostrils.
► I would really like to see a light on the cutter end. It’s no big deal when eliminating ear hair but for nostrils it’s nice to light things up in there so you can actually see if there’s anything left to go after.

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