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Helect Tempered Glass Digital Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology

Helect Tempered Glass Digital Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology 400LB/180KG (Black) – H1010
Offered by JEDirect CA
Price: CDN$ 22.99


A very nice looking scale which is more than accurate enough for us

We wanted a new scale. There are a couple of BMI scales hiding under the bed and two of them have apps that allow for tracking weight changes but we find them inconsistent and all we really end up doing with them is see what out weight is. The fun part of all the built in extras wore off quickly.

This scale does one thing, give you your weight. We found it to be accurate enough, within half a pound near the bottom end, 50 pounds or less, and about a quarter to half of a pound off (+) above 50 pounds.

For people who prefer kilos and grams, or even if they’d like to know their weight in “Stones” this scale can easily be switched to provide the unit of measure you prefer. This is the first scale I’ve seen that offers Stone as a unit of measure, I know the Brits I talk with regularly still refer to things in stone but here, it’s a novelty I guess. I can see the manufacturer just making a universal scale so that they can sell it anywhere rather than region specific versions.

It’s a good looking scale, the readout is large enough and back lit so that it can be seen in dark rooms and it’s also very thin. To activate it all that’s needed is to step onto it. Other scales we have you have to step on to power it up, step off and then step on again. This is a lot simpler.


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