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Heaven Fresh Ionic Air Purifier and Ionizer with Negative Ion Generator HF 200

 Heaven Fresh Ionic Air Purifier and Ionizer with Negative Ion Generator HF 200

Great only if you want a plastic stink throughout the house


As noted by a couple of other reviewers this thing stinks. The cheap plastic smell is so bad it filled the house upon opening the box. Seriously, it was free headaches for everyone! I understand that filters/ionic cleaners have an odour when they start up due to the ozone they produce so I gave it a chance. I had it plugged in over night in our basement. Now I have to deodorize the basement.

When I ordered this unit I also ordered the ionFresh […] and they both arrived at the same time. The ionFresh did have the standard ozone odour for about the first 5 minutes and then nothing, in fact it makes a marked difference in the house by removing odours you don’t want without spraying carcinogens in the air which only mask the smells your trying to get rid of. So while the ionFresh is about twice the cost it is well worth it.

Do not buy this black version. One reviewer commented that she returned the unit and got one with a wood grain finish, this could work if you cover over the cheap plastic on the out side. Since I only received the black version I cannot speak directly on how bad or good the wood grain finished product would smell but I’m betting the plastic on the inside is the same so the smell will still be there.

Also of note. The intake for this device has a screen mesh with some sort of filter material underneath. This will soon get blocked by dust in the air it pulls through the machine. Unlike the metal filter elements, there is no way to remove this for cleaning which will mean reduced air flow down the road. Removing the metal plates for cleaning means turning the unit upside down and undoing two easy fastening screws. The ionFresh is set up so you simply pull the metal plates and their holder out of the top of the machine. Much easier to clean and no fine mesh or filter material over the intake to block air flow.

Give this unit a pass.

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