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HDE Dimmable LED Lamp Light Bulb Color Changing E27 Standard Screw Base with Remote Control

HDE Dimmable LED Lamp Light Bulb Color Changing E27 Standard Screw Base with Remote Control
Offered by HDE CA Price: CDN$ 5.50

Makes for some interesting lighting when needed


I ordered two of these and they get occasional use and no problems after 3 years.

While not very bright they are useable for some interesting effects. I find that the remote works well and I get good range with them. While not exactly capable of producing millions of colours there is enough variation to provide for most needs. It makes for some interesting light casting at Christmas and New Years without putting you out of pocket big time. As these are LED lights there is no need to worry about any filaments breaking or burning out. LED’s typically are rated in the 100,000’s of hours.

Instructions would be nice but in 5 minutes you can have everything figured out. One reviewer indicated that they were unsure of what the top two white buttons on the remote do. These serve two functions. If you have the light on continuous you can dim the bulb or increase its output. If you have the bulb flashing or fading you can control the frequency of the strobe or fade cycle.

There is only one thing that concerns me, there is no certification marking on them, typically anything that is to be used in North America comes with at least a CE mark.

The battery used in the remote is a standard CR2025 button cell that can be found here on Amazon or in any drug store if you need one in a rush.



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