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Hawaiian Tropic Oil Spray Sunscreen SPF 4, 240ml

Hawaiian Tropic Oil Spray Sunscreen SPF 4, 240ml
Price: CDN$ 9.97

Not worth using for a mere rating of SPF 4 considering the things that are in it


While this spray may have some SPF factor it smells like something died in the bottle.

Besides the smell there are other issues that you need to know before using this product.

I ordered this because I’m on a quest to find a decent product that will not irritate my eczema and also doesn’t have a harsh chemical smell. I missed again.

At an SPF rating of 4 is it really worth applying this before going out? If not, then it ends up becoming just another lotion/oil and then when I look at the list of ingredients it makes me wonder if I really want to put this stuff on my skin. Mixed in with a lot of good stuff are some chemicals that only a scientist could understand and love. Just one item of you should know about, the first ingredient listed under non-medical, Paraffinum. Here’s what a quick search showed: “it also prevents your skins normal respiration, causes it to sweat beneath the oily layer thus resulting in further drying the skin and inevitably causing a breakdown in its normal function. This will exacerbate eczema and psoriasis problems and potentially create a dependency, as the natural oils in the skin fail to function correctly.”

Here’s another ingredient that is of interest: Diisopropyl Adipate ‘applications include use as a speciality solvent in household cleaners. They have some function as low temperature resistant and low viscosity plasticizer for PVC and its copolymers and cellulose esters.’

So, you need to ask yourself, do I really want this stuff on my skin?

To be fair I did actually try the product. I applied it a half a dozen times on the backs of my wrists where my eczema is the worst so see if it would help or worsen the condition. Really if you apply any skin cream, lotion or oil it should have some sort of a benefit for dry skin. What I discovered first off was that it left an oil slick which lasted for over 4 hours yet the instructions say to reapply every two hours. In the end, it did aggravate the eczema and cause my skin to dry out.

I also tried it on my forearms and found that besides not being able to rub up against anything to hours due to the oil slick it did nothing to soften my skin. It was also very difficult to wash off which would be good if you want to keep it from coming off in the ocean and are looking for SPF protection at the beach but in real life SPF 4 is nothing.

I’m all for using products that actually aid your skin and make it healthier but this isn’t accomplished with chemicals that while possibly being acceptable for human use have some not so nice side effects. If the makers were to leave out the chemicals and use just the fruits listed it would actually be a great product, it would also smell a lot better.



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