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GLOTRENDS H35 3.5 inch to 5.25 inch Internal Hard Drive Mounting Bracket

GLOTRENDS H35 3.5 inch to 5.25 inch Internal Hard Drive Mounting Bracket Draw-out Extraction Design HDD CD-ROM Bay Space Installation
Offered by GLOTRENDS
Price: CDN$ 29.00


Inexpensive, easy to install and use hot swap drive bay

On a daily basis I move a lot of data around and while NAS devices are nice, a couple of times a week I need to move a lot of data from one physical location to another, more than it makes sense to move via the web. I’ve been using similar devices like this for the last couple of years to achieve this data transfer. I just paid more for them back when I got them.

As long as your tower or server machine has an open 5 1/2 bay, this slides right in. Once mounted in the machine like any 5 1/2 drive (think DVD burner) and power/sata cables are attached you have a simple hot swap bay, as long as your OS permits this functionality.

Construction wise its well made. All of the various pieces fit together perfectly. The pieces which are made to move, slide, and glide do so with no gritty feeling or binding, everything operates smooth. The front cover lock is a little stiff while inserting a drive and I found that pulling back on the lock lever while closing the cover and then pushing the lever down makes it a lot easier to close.

What I like here is the effort they put into muting the sound a HDD makes while working. On each side there are two rubber mounts which connect the main frame to the side mounting brackets. The mounts are rigid enough to keep things from being sloppy and soft enough to stao the transfer of noise to the case.

I’ve had no issues with the device causing any conflicts with the OS, as soon as I add a drive it gets detected just like it would if I was hooking up cables directly to it.

The sata and power connector is an exact fit on both sides, internal and cable side.
The frame allows the HDD to slide in without binding or slipping around where it might break the connector.

Note that this will not work with 2 1/2 inch drives as there is no base plate for the drive to rest on. Also I cant use adapter brackets to hold a 2 1/2 drive here since the sata and power connector are then out of alignment.

If there was one thing I would like to see changed it would be to add ventilation holes in the front cover to allow some air flow. Everything is tight and air flow is a minimum so heat gets transferred from the HDD to the frame which then is hopefully getting some air flow.


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