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GLOTRENDS 2.5 inch USB 3.0 SATA Hard Drive HDD Docking Station

GLOTRENDS 2.5 inch USB 3.0 SATA Hard Drive HDD Docking Station, Supports up to 3TB HDD and 15mm Thickness Hard Drive, Power Supply via USB


Simple to use and connect with good performance, unlike other external enclosures it allows drives to cool off

I have external HDD enclosures for 2.5 inch drives but they’re all the type that is an actual clam shell enclosure. When I need to move data around between two or six (work stuff) drives I end up working with a half assembled external device. This “toaster” variety of external device allows for quickly swapping out drives without any hassle. The real benefit here is that because even 2.5 inch drives heat up when used, the way drives are inserted they’re open and air can flow around them to help keep things cooler.

To ensure I don’t have issues with Windows I simply use the power button to power down the device before swapping a drive. This isn’t always necessary but I have encountered times when not disconnecting or connecting a drive properly has caused Windows to hang.

The device itself is physically stable enough with a drive installed, it’s broad enough that knocking it over by mistake requires a really good push. All HDD’s don’t like being knocked or dropped but when spinning it’s even worse so this is an important item. The four rubber feet also do a good job of reducing how much it slides.

As this is a non-powered device and some old drives, even 2.5 inch, can draw a fair bit of current. The included USB cord has two USB A connectors, one of which can be used to pull power from a second port so the drives run properly. This is good and bad. If an AC adapter were used then there would be one more item that’s needed every time I use it. The down side is that I may need to have two open USB ports. Fortunately only some really old 2.5 sata drives require more juice to spin up. All new drives that I’ve encountered, especially SSD’s, require very little power. When connected and used every day for a backup situation there is no need to hit a power button. Since the enclosure is powered by the PC or laptop it powers on and off with the machine.

When connected to Windows 7 and 10 the OS immediately recognised the toaster and set it up as a useable drive. No drivers need to be downloaded and no configuration is required. You don’t need to be an IT person to use this thing.

I’ve used both the standard 10mm and 12mm plus one old 15mm thick drive with equal ease. There is a spring clip inside the pocket that holds the drives against the back wall which then helps align the sata and power connection to ensure nothing gets broken while inserting a drive.

Read and write speeds differ depending on what the dive I’m using is, of course SSD’s are quicker in both directions. Over all the speeds, while not at full USB 3 rates, I get are adequate for what I do.

I like it, the small package is nice, its fast enough in both read and write speeds and only requires on cable. It sits on my desk and when not used to copy data over to other drives its used to hold a backup drive.

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