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Glad Roomate Easy-Tie Kitchen Catchers Garbage Bags with Febreze Freshness

Glad Roomate Easy-Tie Kitchen Catchers Garbage Bags with Febreze Freshness, 52ct


Durable and nicely sized but oh… the Febreze stink needs to go

Good bags but why the scent?

As a garbage bag they work great. The size makes them useable in virtually every under the counter garbage bin/basket we have in the home. They’re certainly strong enough to hold pretty much any kind of general home refuse, especially kitchen waste. We’ve gone through about a dozen of them so far and the bottom seal has proven to be water tight, always a concern in the kitchen. The overall length is also good, there’s enough excess material, that we roll back over the outside, which is then used to close the bag up when headed for the bin.

Yes, I know that garbage left sitting too long can stink but adding a chemical stink on top of what’s already there doesn’t help. Besides, the Febreze scent is one of thee most toxic for people with a hypersensitivity to chemical odours. Our dog wont go within 10 feet of these things, that’s how bad the Febreze scent is. While the scent maybe contained under a sink cabinet, every time the door is opened the Febreze stink comes wafting out again. We had to stop using them in the washroom where the bin is open.

So overall these are a good choice for general home garbage bags but please Glad people, lose the stink.

Very well designed and engineered to last a long time plus it’s easy to set up and use

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