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Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film, Single Pack (10 Exposures)

Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film, Single Pack (10 Exposures)
Price: CDN$ 11.98

Ok for party’s and maybe a few other events but far to expensive, reproduction quality could be a lot better


Using the Instax film is super simple. Tear open the wrapper and place the cartridge so that the yellow mark at the top right hand corner lines up with the yellow mark on the body of the printer. Close the door gently to ensure everything is aligned and that the cartridge is inserted far enough. Snap the door shut and watch the blank starter sheet slide out the top of the printer.

These are small images and I have found that the print quality is generally poor. There is a lot of pixilation and colour gradients are not smooth, rather there are areas of one pixilated colour gradient that have a distinct border between the next gradient. At best these prints make good party snap shot fun prints. If you need any level of detail this is not the medium to use, especially if you require good contrast.

I like that over all the film is easy to use, makes ok party prints and because of its small size makes taking the printer with you easy.

One beef I have is the cost. When only buying one box at a time it works out to over $1.00 per print, this is steep and Fuji needs to make an adjustment. Make the per print reasonable, somewhere around $0.40 per print and it becomes viable. This is a neat idea and could become more popular if it wasn’t for the ridiculous price per image.

For the price issue I’m knocking off 2 stars because it’s hard to justify spending that much money for such small prints when today you have smart phones and digital cameras that can print right to wireless laser printers which provide far better reproduction for pennies.

If you do use this camera/film and are maybe looking for a way to keep the images safe I can suggest one product here on Amazon that is made for just that. [Portable Mini Photo/Card Case] WOODMIN Creative Comprehensive Aviation Aluminum Case for Instax Mini Films/ Business Cards/ ID Cards (Silver)

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