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FoodSaver FM2435-ECR Vacuum Sealing System with Bonus Handheld Sealer and Starter Kit

FoodSaver FM2435-ECR Vacuum Sealing System with Bonus Handheld Sealer and Starter Kit
Price: CDN$ 167.94


Incapable of properly vacuuming and sealing bags less than 12 inches wide

I had to return this vacuum sealer but fortunately Amazons return policy is great.

I was really hoping this model would work as a replacement for our old FoodSaver V3460 which is several years old and I want to have a replacement on hand for when it fails but found this macine doesn’t work anywhere near as good as the old one.

We don’t always use larger bags, 12 inches wide, and this machine will not completely remove all of the air in smaller bags, we use a lot of 8-inch bags. With 12-inch bags it works great. Smaller bags cause it to keep running and running. I’ve tried placing the bag closer to left or right side, middle and all points in between but get the same performance. Then if I try to just have the machine seal off the bag with the vacuum its managed to pull it allows air back into the bag making the whole process useless. I’ve had a good look at the soft seal that sandwiches bags and cleaned it, while doing so I found no imperfections. I was very careful to place the end to be sealed in the right spot so it doesnt overhang the back portion of the seal. I can take the exact same bags, place them in the old machine and have it completely remove the air and then properly seal the bag.

We have the accessory addon for vacuum sealing Mason jars which we use a lot for dehydrated and freeze-dried fruits and veggies. The kit comes with a clear vacuum tube with identical ends that snuggly plug into the sealer tops or port located on the 3460. On this new machine the port is very different and this would be ok if the other end, which also has a detachable adapter that’s used for sealing different types of bags, had the same size end as that which is needed on the jar sealers. The end is ever so slightly smaller than the original tube ends which allows it to be very easily removed and doesn’t always vacate all of the air in a jar like the old set up.

The vacuum pump also sounds like a toy when compared to the older machine. It kind of rattles as if it’s lose whereas the 3460 actually sounds like a machine pump. Also using the accessory kit this machine works very different. The old machine allowed me to select the accessory port by depressing a button for it, on this machine you follow the same procedure as sealing bags which means that once it gets to the point where its removed as much air as it can it activates the bag sealer! This is useless.

The power cord in this new machine is slightly shorter than the old so it needs to be placed very close to an AC outlet but there is nice cord storage on the underside which I wish the old machine had.

I know it sounds like I was expecting to get what I already have but even if I didn’t already have an older model I wouldn’t be happy with the performance and really in the end that’s what’s important with a food vacuum sealer. Maybe I got a bad unit, maybe it’s a design problem, I’ll simply be trying a different model or even manufacturer on my next order.


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