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FOME GAMING COMBATERWING CW-80 Adjustable DPI Optical USB Gaming Mouse

USB Wired Gaming Mouse,FOME GAMING COMBATERWING CW-80 1000/2500/3500/4800 Adjustable DPI Optical USB Wired Professional Gaming Mouse Programmable 10 Buttons RGB Breathing LED Mice + FOME GAMING Mouse Pad


Cool looking but lacking in what matters

The Combaterwing CW-80 is a cool looking mouse. The white body with chrome accents has a nice appeal to it.

Function wise its pretty good. The important thing is that it comes with a mini software disk so that the various buttons can be mapped to my liking.

The three wide bottom pads allow the mouse to slide across my fabric pad smoothly and with little effort. The ergonomics are nice, every place where a finger would rest has been set up so that it sits properly.

► It feels good in hand; the weight is a little lighter than I prefer but still quite useable.
► The buttons give positive feedback, both audible and physical, you know when you’ve pressed any button.
► Optical sensor is centre mounted in the base, an important item.
► The cord is braided, I find braided cords last longer and catch less on things like keyboards.
► The scroll wheel is nicely indented, it doesn’t freewheel, something that really bugs me.
► The added mouse pad it a nice touch. It’s an average cloth pad but it gets the job done.

While the images give the appearance that there are length and width adjustments for comfort like with high end devices, this mouse has no adjustments. The screws and springs are purely for show and there isn’t a single adjustment you can make.

► The big problem with this mouse is the left side mounted buttons. I find the forward/backward buttons far too small, to close together, and mounted too low on the side. When I go to use them I have to move my whole hand on the mouse in order to align my thumb on them. In the middle of a frag fest or flinging elves the last thing I want is to take my fingers off the main buttons but here it’s a must. The extra button which many devices have mounted on the top just to the left of the main left/fire button is also on the side, so far forward in front of the forward/back buttons that it too is impossible to use without moving my whole hand.

► There are three top mounted buttons. One right behind the scroll wheel like you’ll find on just about every mouse these days which is used for changing DPI on the go. There are buttons on either side, these can be mapped for whatever you need them for but again because I have to change my grip on the whole mouse they don’t work well for anything that would be used in combat.

End result is that this is a cool looking low end product that has design issues which make it difficult to use as a gaming mouse.

Fome has other similar devices which are far better for gaming and still within the same price range.

Very well designed and engineered to last a long time plus it’s easy to set up and use

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