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Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle
Price: CDN $169.99


Fuelled by imagination and peddle powered at the same time, beautiful

Around here we prefer to have the kids playing with toys that encourage creativity that also include learning body coordination. Most video games are too linear and don’t do enough to get the little bodies moving. This is why some consoles suddenly rushed into controllers that require whole body interaction not just hands. Here the bike helps develop eye/hand/leg coordination development while having a ton of fun. Better than the standard PS4, Wii, or XBOX game.

The bike itself is well designed, easy to assemble with just one Philips head screw driver. The manual is well laid out in this regard, showing images of how the pieces are to be assembled. It took me about 10 minutes after unpacking all of the bits. It’s also sturdier much than I expected it to be. It got knocked over a couple of times and I was worried the handle bar would be damaged but it’s all good. Where the major pieces fit together they are made robust, they have deep pockets where they mate.

The one complaint I have is the app. The manual does provide information on how to get it but I had to search for it. If they dedicated one single page with QR codes like most connected devices it would be a huge improvement. I also discovered that the app is limited on Android to devices running above version 4.4.4. Once that was sorted out and we got the right hardware the app works great and is a lot of fun. Getting paired with a tablets Bluetooth connection was simple, no worse than any BT headset connection.

The app allows kids leeway, they can stay on course or explore a little but the they seem pretty eager to follow along. While the pedals give their legs loads of action, the hub offers no friction or resistance so this isn’t spin class for toddlers. The gear shifter and buttons allow for some more virtual driving simulation which has been known to accompany motor and horn type sounds coming from the kids. This means that they’re totally engaged rather than just participating.

There are cheaper toy options but Fisher Price has been around so long making toys that get passed down through generations that spending a little more makes sense.

Other than the app we have no complaints but since the app is a huge portion of this set up I have no choice but to pull a star. That the manual doesn’t do a better job of presenting how to get the app is just odd.

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