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Fisher-Price My First Thomas & Friends Railway Pals Destination Discovery

Fisher-Price My First Thomas & Friends Railway Pals Destination Discovery
Price: CDN $49.99


Another excellent toy that promotes kid’s creativity while being able to last through loads of abuse

Personally, I don’t know what it is about Thomas but kids just love this little train, no matter which version or age range they seem to be so drawn in. It’s like the most powerful commercial ever created and aimed at kids. The upside is that the set allows for hours of enjoyment where the kids can imagine all manner of things that we adults seem to be incapable of comprehending. The point is that this is another toy that runs on imagination even though it uses batteries. The way it runs down the tracks and through the various points that themselves have become everything from a gate to a hotel(?) changes in a moment. The whole Thomas thing has taken hold of the smaller toddlers as well as the older kids, those who are too small to use the bigger kids set, and this one allows them to feel good because they also have a Thomas the Train to play with.

Annoying talking toy alert. Percy does talk when crossing certain track/tile pieces. It’s not as bad as other toys (think Elmo) but still something that got under our skin after a few hours but the kids seem oblivious to the effect.

While there isn’t anywhere near the amount of track as some other kits contain there is more than enough for the kids to spend hours on. The kids can use their imagination and set the track up in different configurations whenever they want.

When it was unpacked it became obvious (just like the box shows) that the track pieces are made to take a lot of abuse and still not fall apart or break. They fit together nicely and we didn’t find any of those sharp left over molding edges which can cut skin. We’ve seen this on so many other toys.

For us the big thing with Fisher Price toys is their durability. We have some toys that we can’t even fathom to guess at when they were made and they’re still useable. Some have been stepped on by me, not just the kids, multiple times since they don’t all get picked up and end up where they shouldn’t. FP stuff just takes a lot of abuse and stays useable.

So, this set is fuelled by imagination but also runs on batteries which can be pulled to stop the brain eating repetitive stuff that only little kids can enjoy for hours at a time. Some toys are just worth paying more for.

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